As an international city and global trade hub, Hong Kong attracts a plethora of brands who are vying for consumers’ attention. With so many choices for consumers, brands need to deliver distinctive and authentic experiences that resonate with customers.

Our 2019 Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) study polled 1,999 Hong Kong-based consumers, who rated their experiences with 94 brands across five industry sectors: financial services, grocery, logistics, retail, and travel and hotels.

Based on ten years of global research across twenty markets, KPMG has defined and validated six fundamental components of Customer Experience Excellence – Personalisation, Integrity, Expectations, Resolution, Time and Effort, and Empathy – collectively referred to as the KPMG Six Pillars of Customer Excellence. Brands that master these have demonstrated increased brand loyalty and advocacy.

The survey found that Personalisation and Expectations were leading drivers of brand loyalty, while Expectations and Integrity were the most important pillars for driving brand advocacy. Earning customers’ recommendations, the study observes, requires organisations to have a deep understanding of their motivations and needs, along with the ability to operationalise and implement activities, platforms and processes that achieve the desired experience.