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5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology, advances mobile technology in speed, number of permissible connections, latency, capacity, and reliability. It has the ability to improve communication between people, but also to enable people to interact with the growing ecosystem of connected machines around them. The reality is that 5G will be the catalyst to significant long term changes in the way people communicate, and what gets communicated. However, a number of factors suggest that unlike past wireless technology advancements where adoption was driven by consumers, the adoption of 5G will be enterprise led.

A significant factor is that 5G can be deployed in closed ecosystem environments – like manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities – prior to national rollout.  In these “campus” environments, 5G can deliver private, secure and reliable communications, massive M2M and IoT communications, real-time data transmission, and enhanced tracking of assets. The challenge is knowing when and in what parts of your business to invest to usher in or prepare for 5G.  Adapting the technology to use cases that create true enterprise value takes time.  Learn more about how to unlock the value of 5G for your enterprise in our paper.

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