Hong Kong is a recognised centre for real estate construction, development and investment. In China, the sector is developing rapidly in the fast growing cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and now expanding into the second and third tier cities. Overseas investment is also on the rise. These highly competitive local environments create pressure on companies to be both innovative and cost-effective.

Our depth of local knowledge combined with our cross-border experience is why more and more investors are seeking advice from KPMG professionals. KPMG China advises businesses on the financial aspects of both real estate ownership and development. We offer independent advice to clients at local, national and global levels. Our firms’ clients include quoted and private property companies, indirect investment vehicles, occupiers and central, regional and local government organizations. Our professionals in accounting, tax, surveying, banking and corporate finance can effectively guide you through the investment lifecycle.

We aim to provide you with a tailored service of the highest standard. We are focused on our objective of building trusted relationships and delivering quality output through exceptional project teams that can support you from anywhere in the world.