As the nation advances its "high-quality development" mission, effectively activating existing assets and maintaining robust growth in a constantly changing environment have become the core themes of the entire property industry. Leveraging technology to break new ground and empowering development through technological means is the prevailing trend in the property sector. 

With the application of increasingly sophisticated technologies, such as the robust development of artificial intelligence and big data, the gradual maturity of blockchain technology, and the rapid rise of the concept of the "metaverse," it can be said that the field of "property technology" is experiencing sustained growth and vitality. The integration of diverse ecosystems has presented expansive opportunities for industry development.

In 2023, KPMG China continues to release the top 50 list of leading property technology enterprises, under the theme of "Aggregating Forces, Building the Future." Joining hands with various stakeholders in the industry, KPMG aims to collectively embrace the new challenges in the property sector, consolidate consensus, seize new opportunities, and collaboratively shape a promising future for industry development.