Audit and Assurance

Utilise smart audit tools to help clients deal with financial risks and challenges in a complicated environment

Utilise smart audit tools to help clients deal with financial risks and challenges in a...

At KPMG we act in the interest of global capital markets, individual investors and the public. With the ultimate goal of inspiring trust in financial information and data provided to markets, we also aim to deliver efficiency and value to our clients.

Understanding how a client's business works is essential, including critical success factors, business processes and internal controls.   

You will have a chance to work on initial public offerings (IPOs) alongside other professionals such as investment bankers, lawyers and appraisers. It’s not just about auditing financial statements. Your analysis may lead to recommending areas of future success to your clients. You may even assist them in proposed merger and acquisition transactions.

We are committed to driving the future of audit for our clients, providing exceptional audits that leverage cutting-edge technology solutions to deliver both superior audit quality and a wider range of insights.

In addition to financial statement audits, we also provide a wide range of audit, assurance and other services, including, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, measurement and assurance services.

How will working in audit develop you as future leader?

You will be exposed to clients in diverse industries in different geographical locations. You will have opportunities to understand and experience how a broad spectrum of organisations operate and the way companies formulate strategies and monitor performance. Your experience as an audit professional will also equip you with the communications, project management and other leadership skills that are crucial to long-term success in your career.

Our commitment to integrity and quality

KPMG has a simple but bold ambition: To be the most trusted and trustworthy professional services organisation.

To achieve this, integrity and quality lie at the heart of the way we do things every day. We perform our work consistently in line with professional standards, supported by a strong system of quality management. As such, all of our related activities are undertaken in an environment of objectivity, independence, ethics and integrity.

We have robust quality monitoring and compliance programs to rigorously monitor audit quality, identify quality deficiencies, perform root cause analysis and develop, implement and report remedial action plans, with respect to both individual audit engagements and the firm’s overall system of quality management.

Transforming through technology

With technology as a core element of all of our services, we are continuously investing in a range of innovative technology solutions in our service areas. For example, KPMG Clara Workflow, our smart and intuitive technology platform, integrates new and emerging technologies with advanced capabilities that leverage data science, audit automation, and data visualisation, enabling our professionals to consistently
deliver high-quality audits.

Our dedicated audit technology team is devoted to develop smart tools and provide tailormade technical solutions for engagement teams. At KPMG, we also aim to provide junior team members with opportunities and incentives to create innovative technology solutions, providing the support they need to bring these solutions to life. We hold an annual Audit Innovation Competition to encourage innovative ideas from staff and promote the development of next-generation smart tools.