Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

Unify governance, risk, compliance and assurance functions as an integrated framework to achieve a consistent and holistic vision across the org...

Unify governance, risk, compliance and assurance functions as an integrated framework ...

Chinese Mainland

We provide tailor-made solutions in corporate governance practices, risk management, compliance and internal control systems. Consider strategic and operational risk issues across different functions and operational units to efficiently and accurately help clients gain insight into risks and opportunities, while providing compliance services to support compliance with listing rules, domestic and international regulatory requirements, and more.

KPMG GRCS experts utilize their exquisite industry knowledge to help clients solve their problems and improve enterprise operations.

If you are interested in helping clients in various industries to establish effective management systems that match their strategies and risk appetites, we welcome you to join KPMG.

Hong Kong SAR

Governance, Risk and Compliance – the three key pillars of any organisation. At GRCS, we are the trusted advisers of senior management across organisations and institutions from different sectors and industries. Every day will never be the same for us. Our clients span across financial institutions like international, regional and local banks, asset management companies and insurers, to clients in the non-financial services space like large conglomerates, local governments, regulators and well-known high street brands. 

We do not just support our clients through performing reviews against regulatory requirements or assisting with internal audit engagements, we provide advice and support them through navigating complexities in risk and regulatory frameworks in Hong Kong and across other jurisdictions. We leverage our expertise to facilitate senior management in making strategic business decisions like streamlining of processes, operations and teams; considerations for outsourcing; setting up of new businesses or onboarding of external vendors; or even restructuring or setting up their risk management or internal audit functions. 

We bring the best of our team and KPMG to our clients and provide a wide range of experiences that will keep you engaged. If you enjoy coming up creative solutions for our clients and continuously seeking new challenges, we look forward to welcoming you into our team!