Actuarial Service

Advise clients in risk and capital management, actuarial process and model improvement, transactions and restructuring, regulation, reserving, and ...

Advise clients in risk and capital management, actuarial process and model improvement...

Chinese Mainland

KPMG has well-established and leading actuarial practices in Asia Pacific. We are trusted partners to leading insurance companies in the region, and draw on our regional and global expertise to serve these companies. We advise our clients in a number of areas such as accounting and regulatory changes, risk and capital management, actuarial process modernisation, transactions and restructuring and product development. 

Joining KPMG Actuarial will sharpen your data analytical savviness. If you want to offer value-added to our famed Insurance clients, you are more than welcomed to join us.

Hong Kong SAR

In Actuarial, risk, capital and value is the name of the game. Our work encompasses a vast array of complex issues, from quantifying the impacts of financial risk using sophisticated mathematical models and statistical analysis, to communicating these impacts to our clients – enabling them to make the best decisions possible. Working in Actuarial, you’ll be brought into the exciting worlds of insurance, finance and investment, where you’ll leverage a wide range of technical skills and innovative ideas to solve the problems of some of the biggest companies in the world. Simply put, we help our clients manage their risk, capital and value – and so will you! 

Feeling excited? Actuarial might be just the place for you.