People and Change Consulting

Implementing integrated talent management (select, recruit, develop, retain), and strategic human resources measures to drive business growth.

Implementing integrated talent management (select, recruit, develop, retain), and...

Chinese Mainland

We are committed to becoming a leading, innovation-driven and distinctive talent affairs and change management consulting business in China, with expertise in Ten professional modules of HR management, including Strategic Thinking Improvement and Strategy Clarification, Strategy Execution and Management, Organization Structure Design, Governance Process Improvement, Culture Change, Talent Management, Equity-based Incentive, Responsibility, Rewards and Performance, Workforce Planning and Human Resources Digital Management. We formed four integrated boutique services: the financial industry organization and human resources consulting services (BA), change management and business improvement consulting services (PI), family business development and inheritance services (EI) and integrated organizational innovation and transformation services (OT).

Financial Services

KPMG Financial Service People and Change Consulting team focuses on the financial industry, especially banking, providing clients with strategic implementation, organizational change, and human resource transformation services to drive business development. Our key responsibilities include organizational transformation, compensation performance designing, digitalized human resource, talent development and leader’s coaching. We draw on extensive experience to apply relevant methodologies, industrial knowledge, benchmarking analysis and coaching on our services.

Change Management and Performance Improvement

KPMG’s Change Management and Performance Improvement consulting team provides consulting services related to strategy implementation, organizational change, and human resource transformation for enterprises, and is committed to providing more comprehensive integrated services for our clients.

  • With the triple perspective of business, management, and people, to stimulate change and ultimately drive business growth.
  • Problem-oriented co-creation consulting inspires and empowers clients to clarify and solve their own problems.
  • With the comprehensive services of KPMG’s strategy, finance, human resources, and information consulting, to help clients solve complex business development problems.

Family Enterprise Development and Inheritance

KPMG’s Family Enterprise Development and Inheritance team develops and implements integrated family inheritance and enterprise development solutions to facilitate strategic goals. Our key responsibilities include strategy decoding, business operation optimization, organizational and human resource system upgrading, long-term incentive, family governance and transition, family enterprise development and transformation, etc.

Organizational Transformation

Amidst the ever-changing external environment, traditional enterprises are facing transformation and upgrading, emerging enterprises are seeking business breakthroughs and improving organizational capabilities, and successful organizational models have become diversified. The Organizational Innovation and Transformation Team stands in the perspective of the organizational management, and helps enterprises solve problems and drive performance improvement through empowerment coaching. We systematically help companies break through bottlenecks and find value creation points through innovative eco-business systems, strategic consensus decoding, platform organization development, process mechanism optimization, human resource system innovation and digitalization, corporate culture and change management. We are deeply engaged in the medical and pharmaceutical healthcare, construction and engineering, energy, and automotive high-end manufacturing industries, and have extensive experience accumulated in other industries. 

Hong Kong SAR

People & Change Consulting services are dedicated to unlocking people potential. On the People & Change consulting team, you will have the opportunity to establish meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients by effectively addressing their most significant challenges. You will work with top minds to deliver creative and sustainable people-centric transformations that enable organisations to be more connected, empowered, and successful. What sets us apart is our new and distinctive perspective on organisational change and our ability to develop integrated and tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. We create value for organisations and ensure successful outcomes from start to finish. Our clients trust and invest in our services, and we take pride in being their preferred partner for driving impactful change.