Leveraging technology to enable business and transformation, and to support the sustainable and high-quality development of the enterprise.

Leveraging technology to enable business and transformation, and to support the...

Chinese Mainland

CIO Advisory

CIO Advisory team provides a series of professional consulting services for various enterprises. Our services include digital strategy and transformation, IT planning and implementation, IT management innovation, innovative technology application planning and testing, data governance, data asset management, and data model analysis, etc. Our clients include banking, insurance, asset management, high-tech, healthcare, life science, energy, consumer markets, government, infrastructure and public utility, real estate, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and other industries. Our team has a number of experienced experts and 200 internationally certified IT consultants in China.

Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement (DE) Service provides professional digital solutions for clients in various industries. Through comprehensive insights into the digital dynamics and cutting-edge trends of various industries, also with rich practical experience on top of strong professional skills, we help clients to establish all-round digital systems driven by emerging technologies such as AI, big data, digital twin, and metaverse. Our Digital Enablement Service consists of a large number of industry experts, digital experts, data scientists, system architects, AI experts, and implementation teams of various digital products, etc., serving the whole nation and covering various fields of competence. We have built our three major professional teams based on industry and service expertise, including Financial Digital Enablement Service Team (FS), Corporate Management Digital Enablement Team (CPM), and Corporate Business Digital Enablement Team (CPB).

FS team focuses on providing a variety of digital solutions for clients in the financial service industry, including banking, insurance, securities, asset management, financial holdings companies, etc.; the FS team’s services include digital business empowerment and digital marketing, data governance, data asset management, and data middle platform, data tagging system, data modelling and analysis, regulatory data reporting and data mart, digital talent system development. Through the dual-focuses on data governance and data analysis, FS team enables financial enterprises to be data-driven, enhance business value, gain business insights, and empower business operation and management.

  • Digital Business Empowerment
  • Digital Customer Marketing
  • Big Data Planning
  • Data Tagging System
  • Data Governance
  • Data Asset Management and Data Middle Platform
  • Data Modelling and Analysis
  • Regulatory Data Reporting and Data Mart
  • Digital Talent System Development

CPM team focuses on providing a range of business digital solutions for clients in the manufacturing, energy, FMCG, real estate, infrastructure, high-tech, and healthcare; the CPM team’s services include digital top-level design, big data planning, digital intelligence application, corporate digital transformation, data governance and analysis, financial planning, budgeting, forecast and reporting, technology application, and innovation. Through full-scope integrated services of consulting and implementation, the CPM team leads the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprise management, empowers business management and control, assists business decision-making, improves operational efficiency, and helps enterprises achieve comprehensive improvement of management capabilities and sustainable business development.

  • Digital Top-level Design
  • Big Data Planning
  • Digital Intelligence Park Design and Implementation
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Assets
  • Decision-making/Intelligence Analysis Platform
  • Data Middle Platform
  • Big Data Platform
  • Budget/Forecast Digital Platform Implementation
  • Consolidation/Reporting Digital Platform Implementation
  • Operating Cost System Implementation
  • Asset Digital Management
  • Investment Digital Management
  • Emerging Technology Management and Application (AI/Agile/DevOps…)

CPB team focuses on providing a series of business digital solutions for clients in the automotive, FMCG, and healthcare; the CPB team’s services include digital transformation planning, AI top-level design, digital marketing, intelligent manufacturing, digital supply chain, data governance and data insight analysis, business intelligence, data platform construction, SAP SAC&MDG solutions, ESG digital platform, digital twin/metaverse, process mining, business application of emerging technologies, etc. Through in-depth analysis of the business transformation needs, pain points, and industry-specific difficulties, the CPB team leverages emerging technology innovation to enable enterprises to be data-driven, accelerate business development, and realize competitive advantages in the long run.

  • Digital Top-level Design
  • AI Top-level Design
  • Digital Market
  • User Digital Marketing
  • Smart Manufacturing/ Smart Factory
  • APS Intelligent Scheduling
  • Data Governance and Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse/Data Lake
  • Big Data Platform
  • SAP SAC&MDG Solution
  • ESG Digital Platform
  • Digital Twin/Metaverse
  • Process Mining
  • Business Application of Emerging Technologies (AI/Agile/DevOps)

Technology Enablement

Technology Enablement consulting team focuses on the deep integration of science and technology base, business solutions and management bodies, and is committed to creating multi-dimensional integration, multi-domain collaboration and multi-collaboration integrated solutions and service capability combination, enabling customers to innovate in the pursuit of high-quality development.

Improve the solution and practical ability in the management system, business plan and technical base, empower customers and create higher value continuously.

The fusion service includes the management system consulting business, business fusion solution business, and technology base consulting service business.

The management system includes the management technology and solutions of "project group management and governance, agile organization transformation, integrated transformation of R&D operation, and lean management".

Business integration solutions include: "R&D, production, procurement, supply chain, sales, service, human resources, finance, taxation, quality, risk, operation etc.; Technical supporting consulting includes technical capabilities and solutions of "cloud native, low code development, data technology, machine learning model, intelligent decision engine, intelligent automation, ERP, etc.”.

Technology Risk advisory

Technology risk advisory includes Cyber services, IT Risk Management services, Foreign Bank Opening-up services, and Regulatory Driven Transformation services.

CyberKPMG brings a business context to Cyber for all levels of our client's organization – from the boardroom to the back office. We support our clients throughout strategy and governance, organizational transformation, cyber defence, and cyber response, so that they are prepared for uncertainty and use cyber security to advance the business. We are investing in a suite of solutions that help clients to be agile with their digital transformation needs. We approach cyber from a business perspective, providing clients with the confidence they need to take advantage of data and technology to meet their strategic objectives and move their businesses forward. 

IT Risk Management - Team supports on IT risk management, IT auditing and assessment, IT due diligence (ITDD) and other IT risk services for clients across the industry. Under the world-wide digitalization transformation background, enterprises in all industries accelerate their digital transformation process and develop the increasing reliance on IT systems, and therefore, a geometric growth in the operational data would finally be brought to these enterprises. Our services help our clients effectively verify the reliability of important systems in the process of enterprise operation and effectively deal with financial and business data of huge data volume, relying on big data analysis methods to identify high-risk areas of business or potential fraud scenarios. Digital means have undoubtedly become an important weapon to address the risks brought about by the digital development of enterprises. In addition, we also provide IT risk internal control management and related derivative services to identify IT management related issues over compliance, offer solutions to improve their IT management and internal control, and help improve the reliability of their information technology system management to promote enterprise stable and healthy development.

Foreign Bank Opening-up (“FBO”) - FBO team serves our foreign bank clients on various onshore financial entities setup such as commercial bank, securities company, futures company, fund company, etc. Following One-FS firm strategy, we are working together with Strategy, Internal Compliance, Risk Management, People & Change, FS Audit, Tax teams and aiming to provide clients with One-Stop Solution including but not limited to Strategy Planning, TOM (Target Operating Model) Design, Regulatory Compliance, System Build Assistance and Regulatory Onsite Inspection Support services. 

Regulatory Driven Transformation (“RDT”) - RDT team supports clients on digital transformation and intelligent construction in the fields of risks and compliance. We harness the frontier technologies such as AI, big data, cloud computing to help clients achieve intelligent empowerment in risk management, compliance management, and financial management. Our services include industry-leading smart solutions in the fields of Smart Risk, Reg-Tech, Smart Financial Management. In addition, RDT service is a bridge among Management Consulting, Risk Consulting and KPMG Alliance, promoting our traditional services to one-stop intelligent solutions.  Our services help clients secure the confidence of all stakeholders, enabling responsible growth, bold innovation, and excellent performance.

Hong Kong SAR

Digital Enablement

Digital enablement services help our clients become “digital ready” and “digital first” through strategy formulation, digital portfolio management and the application of emerging technology / automation exploration. We help clients formulate customer-centric digital strategies that connect front, middle and back offices together seamlessly, while also defining IT operating models and capability considerations that need to be addressed to sustain the future operations.  Our end-to-end services and focus areas include but are not limited to: 

  • Digital and IT strategy planning: Conduct current state maturity assessments to develop a digital blueprint, roadmap and business case for change.
  • IT Target Operating Model (TOM) design and capability assessment: Using benchmarking against industry peers to identify operating model gaps as inputs to define future IT TOM and implementation roadmap.
  • IT Due Diligence: Assist buy-side or sell-side to conduct IT deal diligence, identify potential post-deal implication and plan for proper transition roadmap.
  • AI advisory: Providing AI and ML advisory to implement solutions to improve operational efficiency and customer experience for clients.
  • Data platforms: Support clients on their data journey by providing data solutions such as data visualization, data engineering, and data modelling.
  • Digital Applications: Implement Digital Applications such as low code / web / mobile technology, portals and platforms, and UI/UX design.
  • Digital transformation management: Work with clients through their digital transformation journey to ensure timely project completion, realization of benefits, and achievement of strategic goals

Technology Enablement

Technology enablement services supports our clients with their journey to cloud, embracing cloud native solutions and supporting data transformation. We do this by helping clients design and implement market-leading solution using KPMG’s leading practice, knowledge of business processes and operating models, delivery methodologies, combined with extensive industry experience. We focus on transforming business functions including Marketing, Sales & Service, Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Enterprise Service Management, Cyber and Risk. Our end-to-end services and focus areas include but not limit to: 

  • Powered enterprise implementation: KPMG supports clients in accelerating digital transformation in leading cloud technology platforms across all business functions. For example, Finance on SAP, or HR on Workday. We do this with a set of integrated project delivery methods together with the latest collaborative execution tools. By using the power of KPMG’s leading practice and our digital assets, we help clients to transform their business and drive greater values with increased transparency and reduced risk.
  • Cloud and IT Architecture: KPMG supports clients on architecture assessments and recommendations on leveraging latest technologies for storage, security, and AI/ML capabilities. Using the latest technologies and leading industry frameworks. KPMG also accelerates client’s cloud transformation journey by designing and executing a tailormade migration strategy, cloud solutions and infrastructure design & setup.
  • Data analytics: KPMG helps our clients with data solution design and implementation on data platform covering engineering, migration, visualization, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and governance. Data analytics when done right, collects and transforms raw data into meaningful data insights which supports business to make accurate predictions and informed decisions.

Cybersecurity &Technology Risk advisory

At KPMG, we help our clients to navigate the ever-changing business and technology landscape. As organisations strive to push the boundaries of innovation and digital transformation, we help them embed cyber security and manage technology risks at the heart of their business. With our assistance, our clients are building more resilient operations, understanding their cyber threat landscape and building the capabilities to detect, protect and respond to high-end attacks on their most critical assets. We have a broad range of end-to-end services and focus areas which include but are not limited to: 

  • Cyber Strategy & Governance: Provide advice to CISOs on how to better manage their cyber security by designing their Cyber Organisational Structure, and defining the Cyber Security Strategy to combine people, processes and technology tools. You will help clients identify and assess risks, design strategy and policies, and roll out new processes.
  • Cyber Transformation: We work with our customers in their cyber transformation journey that support and enable business and technology transformations. We deliver large and complex cyber initiatives, including end-to-end integration of cybersecurity tools and processes with broader technology ecosystem that dramatically improve security posture and cyber resilience.  
  • Ethical Hacking: This role focuses on various technical testing areas such as simulation attacks (red/purple team), vulnerability assessment, application and network penetration testing, source code and configuration review, technical architecture review, etc. so to identify blind spots in the defences and provide an in-depth assessment of previously overlooked weaknesses. As an Ethical Hacker, you will work on cutting-edge techniques to pre-emptively test and defeat cyber security defences, with the ultimate purpose of helping our clients re-design their defences to better withstand an actual cyber-attack.
  • Data Privacy: Support our clients enhance data privacy protection and achieve confidence in protecting personal data and complying with data privacy regulation requirements, such as China PIPL, Hong Kong PDPO, Macau PDPA, and EU GDPR. Perform data privacy related audit, risk assessment and advisory services, design and implement privacy management program.
  • Technology Risk: Focus on the use of technology by our clients and help 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines of defence in navigating the relevant technology risks and compliance matters in a strategic and tactical manner. Consultants will conduct IT-related audits and risk assessments in the following areas: cybersecurity, IT strategy and governance, IT operations, business continuity and disaster recovery, network and infrastructure security, cloud and third party risk, programs and projects, automation, GITCs and application controls, and regulatory/compliance requirements.
  • IT Internal Audit: Combining the skills of our dedicated cyber, technology risk and internal audit professionals with deep sector knowledge, we provide IT audit services across full IT risk spectrum. Focusing on needs of the audit committees and the Internal Audit divisions, we help ensure that robust and independent IT internal audit reviews provide real insights into key risks which can be leveraged to improve business organizations and gain competitive advantages.
  • Cloud Security: Work on the delivery of cloud security engagements, including cloud security architecture design, cloud governance and compliance framework, DevSecOps transformation, cloud data protection, cloud security review and testing, and others.