Finance Consulting

Maximizing the performance of Finance function and leveraging latest technology to improve insights for growth and governance.

Maximizing the performance of Finance function and leveraging latest technology to...

KPMG Finance Consulting team provide enterprises with “end-to-end” solutions for strategic finance, business finance and operational finance, and are committed to help enterprises to enhance their refinement and intelligence financial management level by taking actions include but not limit to researching the latest industry trend, adapting the emerging technologies and so on, to be able to support the lifting of enterprises ’operational efficiency and decision-making ability. Thus, further empowering product development, customer operation and market expansion through the optimize of the financial management.   

Our main services include:

  • Enhancing Business Growth
    • Pricing Management Consulting
    • Full - Life Cycle Management of Intermediate Business Consulting
    • Marketing Resource Allocation Consulting
    • Customer Value Analysis Consulting
    • Customer Equity Management Consulting
    • Inbound Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation Consulting
  • Increasing Operational Efficiency
    • Financial Digital Transformation Planning
    • Accounting Engine and General Ledger Consulting and Implementation
    • Financial Sharing Service Consulting and Implementation
    • Annual & Financial Reports Efficiency Improvement Plan Consulting
    • Bank Outlets Effectiveness Evaluation Consulting
    • Technological Investment Effectiveness Evaluation Consulting
    • Channel Effectiveness Evaluation Consulting
  • Refining Financial Management Level
    • Overall Budgeting Management Consulting and Implementation
    • Performance Evaluation Management Consulting
    • Management Accounting Consulting and Implementation
    • Cost Management Consulting
  • Fund Management Consulting