2022 was a crucial year that marked the beginning of the Fintech Development Plan (2022-2025), as well as a period in which the country transitioned from strengthening the pillars and framework of fintech towards harnessing the sector’s growth momentum. To support the long-term, stable development of the fintech sector, in 2022, financial institutions fully engaged in digital transformation and more effectively applied innovative financial information technologies, and they also played a role in improving the top-level system and developing a system for fintech ethics and prudent regulation.

In this critical moment for fintech development, KPMG China is announcing the 2022 China Leading Fintech 50 and Emerging 50 lists, which showcase a range of well-developed and technologically savvy enterprises. 2023 marks the seventh consecutive year in which KPMG has published the China Fintech 50, which started in 2016, and we are as excited as ever to be participating in the fintech market and witnessing its phenomenal changes and milestones. We are confident that the fintech sector is becoming more open, innovative and sustainable while keeping risks well under control.

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