2018 China’s Leading Fintech 50

Unlisted companies

*Companies are arranged in alphabetical order based on their Chinese pinyin names (50 unlistedcompanies).      

Short name
Aibao Technology White Knight Bairong aiBank
BaoZhunNiu IceKredit BUBI Blockchain Dianrong
Doubao Technology DuXiaoman Financial Onchain Fumi Technology
Futu Securities HouBank.com Tigerobo HUIZE INSURANCE
geo jinfuzi JDDigits INVESTODAY
OneConnect Tiger Brokers LianLian Pay Lufax
Mashang Finance Ant Financial MioTech QIANCHENG TECHNOLOGY
BigtreeFinance iPayLinks SUPWINTECH ChinaScope
Suning Financial Services Tencent Financial Technology TalkingData TianChuangCredit
Beagledata Tongdun PayEgis DataYes
The Umbrella Credit Force Snowball FinanceINC SUNRATE
Yofish Fintech ZhongAn    


Listed companies

*Companies are arranged in alphabetical order based on their Chinese pinyin names (7 listedcompanies).

Short name IPO Year IPO Market
Huifu 2018 HKEx
Rong360 2017 NYSE
SwiftPass 2017 SZSE
51 credit card 2018 HKEx
Yirendai 2015 NYSE
ZhongAn Insurance 2017 HKEx


Following KPMG International's 2018 Global Fintech 100 list, we are pleased to share with you the results of the 2018 KPMG China Leading Fintech 50. Looking back on this year's selection, we can see that a new wave of fintech innovation represented by smart finance has emerged in China. After years of promotion, the concept of using big data and intelligent models to improve financial productivity has taken root in people's minds. Companies in the financial industry are all actively engaged in the development, application and improvement of leading intelligent technologies. Financial institutions are pursuing fintech innovations through measures such as establishing special innovation funds, strategic cooperation with fintech firms and establishing fintech subsidiaries. A new class of intelligent technology will be ready for practical application soon. This technology will facilitate the upgrading of applications in areas such as intelligent risk control, intelligent insurance, robo-research, intelligent customer service and intelligent compliance.

Honson To

Chairman, KPMG Asia Pacific and China


Fintech has accelerated the development of China's financial industry, but challenges always exist alongside opportunities. Risks faced by the financial industry are known to have a strong negative externalities. For this reason, legal compliance and risk control are key to the long-term and sustainable development of the financial industry. Fundamentally, fintech innovation aims to improve the overall efficiency of the financial industry, which includes customer acquisition efficiency, service efficiency, risk control efficiency, operating efficiency, management efficiency, compliance efficiency and innovation efficiency. Vigorous financial regulation continued in 2018, which helped identify and facilitate fintech innovations that truly matter. Vigorous and effective regulation is essential to the timely identification and effective management of specific risks, new types of risks and systematic risks in the course of innovation.

Simon Gleave

Regional Head of Financial Services, KPMG Asia Pacific


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