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In recent years, the level of awareness and information disclosure on environmental, social and governance (ESG) among listed companies in China has increased rapidly. According to the China Association for Public Companies, 1,408 A-share companies independently published reports in 2021, and 4,660 companies took the initiative to disclose information on strengthening environmental protection, etc. On 27 May 2022, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council issued the Work Plan for Improving the Quality of Listed Companies Held by Central Enterprises, which proposed the establishment of a sound ESG system. The Committee will also improve the working mechanism, enhance ESG performance, actively participate in the construction of ESG information disclosure rules, ESG performance ratings and ESG investment guidelines with Chinese characteristics, and strive for "full coverage" of relevant special report disclosure by 2023.

KPMG, as a leading global professional services firm, is committed to enhancing the sustainability of enterprises and creating value in promoting sustainable development in society.

We hope to create a platform to bring together companies that are thriving in the ESG sector, share new trends in the industry, be value-driven, share social responsibility and unlock new opportunities for the overall development of the ESG industry.

The KPMG China Future · ESG Awards aims to enhance learning and communication in the industry. It recognises and inspires companies' existing ESG practices while promoting ESG insights sharing and collaboration between companies on the other. It is also an opportunity for companies to learn from the advanced experience of leading companies in different industries, both domestic and international, to help them transform and upgrade their ESG practices and work together to build a better future.

Future ESG Awards




Awards categories

Outstanding ESG
Practices Award

An enterprise that has actively explored the path and initiatives of ESG practice in line with its actual business operation characteristics, and has achieved positive environmental and social impacts by carrying out special projects to promote the implementation of ESG concepts in a comprehensive manner.

Outstanding ESG
Product Award

An enterprise that has fully integrated the ESG concept into its product lifecycle and created physical products, financial products and services that have exemplary environmental and social functions or are conducive to the implementation of the ESG concept.

Outstanding ESG
Reporting Award

The ESG reports published are highly substantive and complete, closely aligned with the key ESG issues of the company and its industry, and respond effectively and comprehensively to the concerns of the company's stakeholders.

Outstanding ESG
Technology Award

Technology, solutions, equipment or service platforms that are in line with ESG concepts, contributing to the development of ESG and achieving significant results.

Outstanding ESG
Collaboration Award

An enterprise or project that has achieved significant ESG benefits through corporate value chain synergy and stakeholder collaboration.

Outstanding ESG
Innovation Award

An enterprise or project that has achieved significant ESG benefits through new ideas, technologies or the integration and optimisation of traditional technologies in the context of the current ESG development.

Outstanding Contribution to Environment Award

An enterprise or project that has made significant contributions to pollution prevention and ecological civilisation through its own operations and the continuous export of environmental products and technologies.

Outstanding Low Carbon Emissions Award

With clear, scientific and reasonable emission reduction targets and strategies, effectively achieving the greenhouse gas emission intensity within the organisation's boundary through various practices A leading company that has achieved a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emission intensity within its organisational boundary through various practices.

Outstanding Contribution to Society Award

A company that is committed to boosting domestic demand, employment and achieving common prosperity, and that has continued to create social value through long-term investment and efforts to promote social equity and stability.

Outstanding Corporate Governance Award

A leading company with a sound corporate governance system, leading initiatives and results in business ethics and risk management, and no negative incidents such as corruption, money laundering or monopoly.



How can this ESG Award programme benefits?

Recognition and inspiration
Recognises and inspires companies' existing ESG practices

Exchange and collaborate
Facilitate exchanges and collaboration on ESG between companies

Enable and empower the operations
Learn from the advanced experience of leading companies in different industries, both domestic and international, to help them transform and upgrade their ESG practices

No fee will be charged. The registered companies have the chance to:

  • Participate in ESG evaluations and share leading practices
  • Win a VIP seat at KPMG’s ESG Summit


Selection process

June 2022

Launch of the application and preliminary selection

July-September 2022

Material evaluation and company interviews

October 2022

Judging panel evaluation and results announcement




Dr. Chen Zhixiang

Dr. Chen Zhixiang

Ph.D. in Economics
Postdoctoral Fellow in Law
President of China Carbon Emissions Registration and Clearing Co., Ltd.

Mr. Liu Yi

Mr. Liu Yi

Ph.D., Professor
Dean of the School of Environment, Tsinghua University
Director of the Research Institute for Environmental Innovation (Suzhou) Tsinghua University

Mr. Li Zhiqing

Mr. Li Zhiqing

Senior Green Finance and Environment Economist
Executive Director of Green Finance Institute of Fudan University




Q: Our company is very small; can we participate?
A: We encourage start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises to participate, and we will prioritise nominating them for the following awards:

  • Outstanding ESG Innovation Award
  • Outstanding ESG Product Award
  • Outstanding ESG Technology Award

Q: We have already registered for another platform’s annual ESG awards process. Can I still sign up for this awards campaign?
A: Yes. There are no such restrictions for this campaign.

Q: We are a foreign-owned company registered outside of China; are we qualified to register?
A: Yes, as long as your major operations are based in China (including Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR), you are welcome to participate. There are no restrictions related to business nature or place of registration.

Q: How many awards can a company apply for?
A: We have provided three award preference options in the registration form for internal preliminary screening and classification purposes. We may make adjustments to the awards that each company is eligible for based on the industry distribution of the registered companies, the submitted materials, and the outcome of our communications. If this affects your company's intention to participate, please contact us

Q: Will the information provided by our company be shared with other participants? Can I find out information about other participating companies?
A: We will keep the information of all participating companies strictly confidential. We will not disclose or share specific information about participating companies without the company’s prior written consent. If your company has special confidentiality requirements or concerns, please contact us.

Q: Is there a fee for this event?
A: No, this event is fully sponsored by KPMG and is free of charge.