The agricultural sector is not immune to the need to innovate

Operating pressures continue to increase as this critical Canadian sector struggles to modernize in search of market opportunities – the future will depend on businesses willingness to embrace technology and to ultimately build more sustainable, efficient, and resilient systems.

Opportunities driving the future of farming

  • Changing customer expectations
  • ESG considerations
  • Operating cost pressures
  • Evolving market forces
  • Technology trends
  • New market entrants
  • Disruptive technology

Collaborate and co-create

Our Center of Excellence for data-driven technology will meet clients wherever they are in terms of organizational and digital maturity, empowering them to co-create solutions with us which are desirable, feasible and profitable.

This is how your organization will start

Based on your unique needs we offer three different sessions tailored to agri – food organizations :

The Disruption Series:


Every business is a target for disruption. The Disruption Series works with clients to understand signals of change and to create robust responses that create competitive advantage.

The Connected Series:


Fragmented digital infrastructure impacts your ability to operate effectively and deliver a modern, seamless customer experience. The Connected Series works with clients to unpack where and how technology solutions can be fully integrated to drive value.

The Insights Series:


2/3rds of companies are not leveraging data effectively. The Insights Series helps clients understand the power of data, where the opportunities lie in their organization, and how to build effective strategies and technology solutions to harness the power of analytics.

A multi-disciplinary innovation hub to help Agribusiness clients wrestle with core – sometimes existential – business challenges.

This is where your organization and KPMG can go



  • The pace of change continues to accelerate. Advanced technologies, consumer expectations and seismic shifts like ESG require innovation to avert disruption and become the disruptor.
  • Clients need an advisor who can help them make sense of their current context, what is coming, and what to do about it.

Sustainable Transformation

  • The businesses of tomorrow will need to rise to the challenge of sustainable transformation, driven by purpose, stakeholder expectations, and ESG regulation.
  • Success will depend on the ability to leverage emerging technologies and innovate business models and offerings to operate in a fundamentally different way.

Advanced Technologies

  • Today, every business is a digital business. Customers demand it, organizations require it, most don’t know how to execute it well.
  • Ignition will help clients walk the path to technology-enabled competitive advantage.

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