With many governments around the globe committing to an electric vehicle (EV) future and sixty per cent of new cars on Canadian roads expected to be EVs by 2030, the mining industry is primed to seize two pivotal opportunities: becoming a global leader in sustainable EV battery production and supporting domestic and global automotive sectors in developing robust EV manufacturing capabilities.

A sustainable mining industry is also essential to Canada’s carbon-free energy future—which includes eliminating internal combustion engine vehicles—and is a unique opportunity to propel the circular economy by re-envisioning the critical mineral value chain.

The mining industry has a key role in driving a more sustainable future. Capturing that opportunity will require targeted investment, strategic public and private partnerships, and implementing innovative and sustainable business processes and principles.

Canada’s opportunity to lead the race to an EV future


By 2030, 60% of new cars on Canadian roads are expected to be EVs1

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Canada currently ranks 1st in North America, and 4th globally for raw material capacity in the battery supply chain2


43% of the world's mining companies are listed on Canadian stock exchanges3

The bridge to greener pastures

  • Ramp up production targets
  • Invest in diversified sources
  • Accelerate the exploration and mining of critical minerals in Canada, including addressing our lack of active lithium mining operations
  • Leverage government programs to train and hire a skilled end-to-end workforce
  • Build out a strong domestic exploration-to-electrification value chain
  • Develop domestic infrastructure to support operations
  • Invest in R&D to drive sustainable end-to-end value chain innovation
  • Incentivize extended producer responsibility across value and supply chains
  • Redefine end-of-life across the value chain using circular economy business models and principles
  • Think beyond extraction
  • Prioritize the conservation of biodiversity
  • Prioritize economic reconciliation with Indigenous communities
  • Develop a long-term strategy for reusing, repurposing and recycling minerals

Destination: a sustainable future

Canada’s EV sales targets are 100% of light-duty vehicles by ​20353 and 100% of medium and heavy-duty vehicles by 20403. Global sales revenue for EVs forecasted to reach $737 billion USD by 2026 whereas EV sales in Canada expected to reach over $9 billion USD by 2026​4,5.

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% by 2050
The production of critical ingredients for batteries — carbon, cobalt and lithium — needs to increase by almost 500% by 20506

With innovative thinking and target-focused investment, Canada can mine the gap to success. Download the 'Mine the gap' infographic for a full roadmap to a sustainable future for Canada. Contact us to learn more.

Download the 'Mine the gap' infographic

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