International Executive Services

International Executive Services

KPMG's International Executive Services (IES) practice is part of a network of professionals from KPMG member firms.

IES helps companies deal with their globally mobile workforces.

KPMG's International Executive Services (IES) practice is part of a network of professionals from KPMG member firms. IES helps companies deal with their globally mobile workforces.

Today our network ― over 1,800 professionals from KPMG member firms worldwide― provides services for more than 60,000 mobile employees/assignees in more than 800 organisations.

Managing your global workforce

For many global organisations, the pressure to compete means increasing the size and scope of their global workforce. Managing the demands involved in growing a global workforce involves reporting, withholding and regulatory compliance issues in each country in which your employees and organisation operate. This can use up significant resources.
How KPMG can help
Our IES practice can help you with your global mobility program.
We have the people, experience and technology to help companies, regardless of their stage of global development. Our practice provides a proactive service delivery model covering broad compliance, advisory and administration services to support organisations’ worldwide businesses and assignees. We can provide a single source for addressing these potential international assignment business issues:

  • international tax advisory and compliance 
  • global mobility advisory 
  • assignment program administration (outsourcing) and technology.

For more information about our approach to international assignment management, please contact us.

Income tax and social security compliance

KPMG's IES professionals prepare individually personalised tax returns for our firms' clients' international assignees. Our services cover the compliance cycle: from pre-departure counseling, income tax return preparation and tax reconciliations, to correspondence with tax authorities. But our objective is to provide value beyond the preparation of tax returns.
By working closely with our member firms' clients, we provide advisory services that are designed to help both the company and the international assignee derive long-term tax savings. As part of our compliance process, we also offer payroll advisory services to help companies comply with withholding and reporting requirements.
Our global network of international social security professionals can help employers and individuals comply with complex international social security rules. These rules may vary significantly and can be complex at both international and domestic levels.

Global Mobility Advisory Services

To excel in the global marketplace, organizations need an international assignment program that supports their overall business strategies and contributes to the bottom line. Our Global Mobility Advisory Services professionals advise organisations on the management of their international assignment programs competitively.
Our team conducts surveys of organizations' international assignment programs to benchmark global assignment policies against comparable competitor groups. Our firms' clients use this information to establish their position within an appropriate peer group, taking account of relevant objectives to improve or realign their policies, processes and procedures.
Our team has developed the Global Assignment Policies and Practices (GAPP) Survey. The GAPP Survey is one of the first online surveys of global assignment issues that provide participants with immediate feedback to benchmark their policies and evaluate new trends. There is no cost to participate in the survey and results are available immediately upon completion. Participants can also request customised survey reports. Please register at and take the survey today.

KPMG LINK: Technology for efficient program management

KPMG LINK supports our member firms leading and cost-effective service delivery. International assignment management is a data-intensive process in which security, global access and data integrity are crucial. Our web-based technology provides tools to help our member firms' clients manage this process effectively and efficiently and allows our professionals to focus on our vision of delivering the highest quality service.
KPMG LINK can help you with:

  • tax compliance management 
  • compensation collection 
  • cost projection/financial modeling 
  • international assignment program management.

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