Frontiers in Finance is a biannual, forward-looking collection of market insights, thought-provoking perspectives and sector-specific discussions for leaders and decision-makers within financial services organizations around the world.

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The latest edition of Frontiers in Finance focuses on the theme of technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It's an exciting time to be in financial services as these tools are evolving rapidly, ushering in a new era of innovation.

While technologies like AI are already available, others like quantum computing are just emerging and show potential as catalysts for transforming processes, and enhancing productivity, efficiency, and performance.

However, the data required to feed these new technologies is still on a journey, it is a vital foundational element for success. 

The articles in this edition highlight the possibilities to reimagine markets and products and move to seamless operating models and customer experiences. However, with AI and any tech-enabled change, there are always new barriers and challenges. This edition examines both the upsides and downsides of this technology-innovation story.

Frontiers in Finance: Issue 65

Market insights and forward-looking perspectives for financial services leaders and professionals.

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