Entering a new normal

COVID-19 continues to reshape business norms and while organizations have already faced significant disruption, most have yet to feel the pandemic’s full impact and ripple effects over the medium-to-long term recovery period.

In our current environment, some organizations have accelerated digital adoption and transformation across the enterprise – achieving outcomes in weeks that would have taken months or years – which has enabled business resilience and new ways of working. Examples include the rapid deployment of virtual workforce tools, digitizing supply chains, implementing ecommerce and in-store pick up and delivery, enabling digital payments options for customers, and more.

A comprehensive, digital-first approach can help you maximize the impact and productivity potential of your technology investments by effectively powering and connecting your front, middle and back office functions.

Considerations for your leadership team:

  • How do you seize the immediate digital transformation opportunity in a way that achieves your short- and long-term business objectives?
  • As customers become even more sophisticated and demanding of omni-channel, frictionless and personalized experiences, how are you equipping your teams across your value chain to deliver on customers’ expectations?
  • Will your existing supply chain return to normal or will it need to be reconfigured?

Our KPMG Connected Enterprise approach can help you align your organization and become more connected to profitably respond to the “new normal”. Connected Enterprise is a customer-centric, enterprise-wide approach to digital transformation that includes practical tools, methods and frameworks to support every step of your organization’s journey.

KPMG Connected Enterprise

As your organization moves through the recovery phase towards your new, post-COVID reality, Connected Enterprise can help you quickly:

  • Assess existing capabilities against changing business needs in today’s environment
  • Identify what parts of your organization need to be adapted to support the future
  • Put action plans and governance in place to deliver the expected impact
  • Support implementation efforts towards your “new reality”

Test your readiness

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To learn more, reach out to the Connected Enterprise team at connectedenterprise@kpmg.ca.

Our Connected Enterprise approach: looking through 5 lenses to define your organization’s success in the new reality

Five lenses graph

Eight capabilities, twice the impact

Connected Enterprise enables organization-wide digital transformation by focusing on 8 capabilities. Historically, companies which invest in the eight capabilities of the KPMG Connected Enterprise have been twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve their business objectives and deliver return on investment.*

* A study conducted by Forrester on behalf of KPMG, 2018-2019

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