Delivering accessible, affordable, high-quality care can be particularly challenging for island communities throughout the world, given their geographical locations and smaller scale. This situation magnifies wider health challenges, including rising population health needs, the growing complexity and cost of care, and health workforce pressures.

Established in 2024, the global center of excellence is a central hub for KPMG firms bringing together dedicated island-based professionals from the Caribbean, Crown Dependencies and Mediterranean islands. This team works to create insights, adapt globally leading practices into approaches that help to address the unique challenges of delivering healthcare in island settings. The team also facilitates networking between island healthcare stakeholders and provide seamless access to KPMG’s global healthcare network.

Benefit from a team of dedicated island-based professional services consultants from the Caribbean, Crown Dependencies and Mediterranean islands who provide insights and support to governments, NGOs, healthcare system, provider and insurance organizations.

How can KPMG help?

The global center of excellence for island healthcare provides specialist support to governments, regulators, payors, providers, NGOs and international development organizations across a broad range of topics for island-based healthcare, including:

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Healthcare system strengthening and Universal Health Coverage Operational improvement, efficiency and productivity Integrated care models and pathway design Human resources for healthcare organizations
Digital health and data Strategy, acquisitions, and financing Climate health and ESG Leadership, learning and development

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