Technology Services

Technology Services

KPMG’s technology services are designed to guide clients through the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Technology Services

KPMG’s technology services are designed to guide clients through the rapidly changing technology landscape, helping them to manage projects on time and on budget, protecting and securing critical information assets, demonstrating effective regulatory compliance and creating business value by embracing changes in technology.

The Bahrain team is part of a wider Technology Center, which brings together KPMG experts from across the GCC and India to deliver services in four areas:

  • IT advisory
  • digital solutions
  • cyber security
  • telecommunications.

IT advisory:

Enterprise resource planning: We help clients to manage and monitor their major application systems, including, but not limited to major ERP packages, core banking, insurance and business intelligence applications. Our services also cover the following areas: application strategy formulation, IT application and selection, project management, controls testing and operation, system stabilization and sustainment.

We have the largest Microsoft implementation team in the Middle East as well as specialists in all other major system providers including SAP and Oracle.

Digital solutions: 

IT strategy and performance: We work with clients to develop governance frameworks and drive effective IT strategy and performance. This helps organizations ensure their systems add value to their business whilst monitoring any risks inherent in technology.

Digital transformation: We drive digital transformation initiatives involving omni-channel management, social media management, digital customer experience, digital analytics and innovation management.

Business intelligence and data analytics: We work with clients to select and implement the ideal business intelligence strategy. Our approach develops a roadmap to help clients improve their performance and seize growth opportunities, while managing risks and optimizing costs.

IT project advisory: IT projects can be very complex and challenging for clients to manage. We can make this process easier by developing and driving the appropriate implementation strategy and by setting up project management office (PMO) processes to reduce the risk of failure or delays.

Business continuity management (BCM): BCM enables an organization to proactively plan for handling disaster scenarios by identifying gaps in the existing mitigation framework, responding effectively to the situation and enabling the business to recover identified processes at agreed service levels. Our team at KPMG in Bahrain helps clients effectively manage BCM systems from the planning phase and throughout execution.

IT service management: We help clients to assess, design and implement the IT management capabilities that are required to support business requirements. This includes providing guidance on selecting and implementing technologies.

Cyber security: Our experts help clients to develop processes to protect information assets. We incorporate a full life cycle approach including assessment, architecture, implementation and monitoring services to help clients ensure that their information is protected. We have worked with some of the leading private and government organizations in Bahrain to help identify and mitigate cyber risk.

Telecommunications: KPMG’s team of telecoms specialists draw on their experience of working with some of the largest fixed, mobile and satellite companies from around the world to help clients address challenges and grasp opportunities in this rapidly changing sector.

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