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[2018 UK] Corporate Governance [Code]

The [2018 UK] Corporate Governance [Code] focuses on long term success, sustainability and ensuring the attractiveness of the [UK] capital market.

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The [UK] Coporate Governance Code Read

FRC Guidance on Board Effectiveness View

Stakeholder engagement Question

Corporate Governance

The [2018 UK] Corporate Governance [Code] states that boards should create a method of gathering views of the workforce, we examine how workforce directors can add value.

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The stakeholder voice in board decision making The Investment Association Read

Views of the workforce and designated NEDs View

Workforce advisory panels Question

CEO challenges and opportunities

[UK] CEO’s, more than their counterparts elsewhere, are feeling the weight of stakeholder expectations. Agility and strategic alliances will give their organisations the edge.

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Getting the right CEO - 10 questions for boards Question


[FTSE350] Breakfast demystifies blockchain.

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Diversity & Inclusion

CEOs with diverse networks generate corporate value: A new study published in the Journal of Corporate Finance found that CEOs with strong connections to people of different demographic backgrounds and skill sets create higher firm value.
Harvard Business Review

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Diversifying diversity Read

Disability and the role of the Board Purple View

Board composition: Ten questions for boards Question

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