Multinational companies are increasingly looking externally to outsource financial and tax processes such as Record-to-Report, Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash, among others.

KPMG's Managed Services offers you a solution that goes beyond traditional outsourcing – we manage end-to-end finance, accounting, reporting and tax processes.

As opposed to traditional outsourcing models – where we request relevant data and information from you, and process it, such as in a report, financial statements and tax returns – with our Managed Services model, we will take over the complete finance, accounting and/or tax process for you.

We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team that can cover multiple jurisdictions and handle high volume transactions.

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Our approach

Our Managed Services team is a central hub – a dedicated team composed of different specialists. We have people specialized in the set-up and day-to-day management of Managed Services, combined with a team focused on service delivery.

Beyond qualitative service delivery, our aim is to create additional value for you, generating ideas for finance and tax transformation, risk management, tax and other opportunities.

Key characteristics of our Managed Services approach:

  • High quality, tailored approach that enables us to connect to your proprietary finance, tax and accounting processes
  • End-to-end service delivery, including global capability for financial statement and tax return filings
  • Flexible scaling – from traditional compliance outsourcing, to partial/selective process outsourcing, through to full end-to-end outsourcing
  • Central delivery hub with dedicated resources capable of handling year-round, high-volume transactions covering entities in multiple jurisdictions
  • Multidisciplinary, specialized team that goes the extra mile covering:
    • IFRS / US GAAP knowledge
    • Consolidation and reporting expertise
    • Transactional accounting in SAP / JDE
    • Tax compliance and reporting
    • Financial reporting
    • Strong project management
  • Focus on quality, efficiency, and the creation of added value through the identification of opportunities and continuous improvement


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Client cases

One size does not fit all!

That’s precisely why we tailor our Managed Services to the needs of your business and finance organization.

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Case 1: Production group – Finance, accounting, and tax outsourcing

Client: Number 1 sector leader worldwide with production activities in Europe, North-America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific

Scope: Full finance, accounting, and tax process outsourcing

KPMG response: We delivered a combined centralized and decentralized approach – whereby certain jurisdictions were handled centrally and others via local KPMG teams – in order to meet the client’s needs.

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Case 2: Production group – Tax reporting and compliance outsourcing

Client: Belgian listed group with production activities in Europe and North-America

Scope: Outsourcing of tax reporting, tax compliance, and financial statements

KPMG response: We delivered a combined centralized and decentralized approach whereby the overall majority of the tax reporting work was handled centrally, and the financial statement and tax compliance work was handled by local KPMG teams.

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Case 3: BEL20 listed group – Tax and financial statement compliance outsourcing

Client: BEL20 listed group with worldwide activities

Scope: Preparation of financial statements, direct and indirect tax compliance

KPMG response: We delivered a central team that ensures quality, timely service delivery and consistency, in combination with local KPMG teams that deliver local compliance services.