In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, organizations adopt new methodologies and processes to maintain a competitive digital advantage and not miss out on the benefits that result from that kind of robust ambition. Digital platforms offer new ways for organizations to support their digital transformation and foster their data-driven initiatives. 

By embedding the right data and AI enablers into your digital plan of action, you provide the means for your organization to derive the greatest amount of business value from your data. By doing so, your company improves its operational efficiency and maximizes its resources, allowing you to make decisions that best drive growth and profitability. 

If you want to stay competitive in tomorrow’s market, you must innovate, and the best way to fast-track innovation is by identifying where opportunities exist in order to leverage platform features and capabilities. Discover how KPMG can support you in finding and implementing the right platform that is fit for purpose and corresponds to your organization’s needs.

The right platform for you

KPMG Ignite

Ignite is KPMG’s portfolio of artificial intelligence capabilities. It includes domain expertise, proprietary and integrated open source tools, frameworks, and patterns, as well as strategic technology partnerships.

The KPMG Ignite ecosystem helps enhance, accelerate, automate, and augment decisions that drive growth and profitability. AI – combined with deep industry and analytics expertise – helps clients embrace intelligent technologies confidently and responsibly.

The Ignite internal development platform creates the ability to dynamically leverage the best “AI-tool” for the job. A modern machine learning architecture supports Application Programming Interface (API) and container based deployments and enables the reuse of previously built models and collected domain expertise to maximize data science time.

Our services are customized to handle different requirements around input, analysis and results so that the services meet the needs of the business.

The KPMG Ignite platform

Our platform integrates cutting-edge open source tools, KPMG-developed IP, frameworks, patterns, and leading technologies supported by our alliance partnerships. The platform enables KPMG resources to accelerate development of solutions and “time to market.”

Lighthouse platforms ignite

The added value of our KPMG Ignite platform:

  • Increasing accuracy through 100% coverage versus traditional sampling approaches
  • Reducing cost and development time needed to produce insights
  • Enabling humans to be precise and manage consistency
  • Leveraging the knowledge and experience of the very best subject matter experts
  • Increasing transparency through audit logs that show how data has been processed
Lighthouse platforms Ignite cases


Signals Repository

Leveraging the latest decision science, KPMG Signals Repository continuously harvests a broad variety of signals from public and private sources to help organizations get the edge in their decision-making. By creating a ‘big data fabric’ of exogenous and endogenous data, organizations can find the right data and signals to enable their AI and machine learning technologies. Having the necessary Data & AI capabilities is one thing, but being able to successfully merge them into transformative solutions which help tackle specific challenges is a different beast.

With KPMG Signals Repository, structured and unstructured data is transformed into complex expressions, creating tens of thousands of signals when used by machine learning and other AI systems, and helps our clients significantly improve the accuracy in predictions. Signals Repository is an accelerator for data scientists and next generation developers. By creating a ‘big data fabric’ of exogenous and endogenous data, organizations can find the right data and signals to enable their AI and machine learning technologies to achieve unprecedented accuracy in predictions and business execution outcomes.

Listening to all the signals to help turn data into value

To optimize any business activity, you need to understand all of the data available to you — from your own internal and customer data to competitor and market data. We work with organizations to identify and collect the right signals from the growing universe of data including structured and unstructured data.

Lighthouse platforms signals repository

The added value of our KPMG Signals Repository:

  • More than 60.000+ signals of traditional and non-traditional data, like “SoLoMo” (Social, Local, Mobile) from 700+ datasets
  • Signals are continually monitored for changes in quality and impact
  • Automated, self-serve access to the created compendium of signals to improve business decisions
  • Big data to augment or automate decision-making and generate material business results


Service offerings enabled by Signals Repository:

Lighthouse platforms Signals Repository cases


KPMG Sofy Suite

With its integrated analytics platform, KPMG Sofy Suite helps clients turn data into insights that help with decision-making. It runs on a subscription-based model and offers advanced, configurable and ready-to-use data analytics solutions that allow companies to make better business decisions, to manage risk, and to improve overall performance.

Sofy offers a wide variety of solutions, created to address specific data-driven business problems. These solutions can be configured to your needs. Within the Sofy portfolio we have 5 main domains on different business areas; governance risk compliance, data management, tax management, finance management, and strategy & operations performance.

The added value of our KPMG Sofy Suite:

  • Implementing Sofy is simple and straightforward, and can be done in just a few weeks
  • It leverages built-in rule sets, based on KPMG IP, experience and best practices
  • It offers built-in workflows and forms that help embed insights and improvements in business processes operationally on a continuous basis


The Sofy Suite solutions:

Lighthouse platforms Sofy Suite


Leveraging our alliances

Together with our alliances, we offer global reach and combined abilities to help solve your most pressing challenges, including sustainable growth, regulatory change, and business protection.


Our award winning expertise

Industry analysts provide rigorous and objective evaluations of our services and solutions, and recognize our capabilities and innovation. Their research helps clients understand the competitive marketplace, KPMG’s strengths and how we can help solve challenging issues.