In every aspect of business and society, our interconnected world is transforming at a faster pace than ever before. Keeping pace with change starts with fostering strong, innovative partnerships inside your organization, so that you can better serve your entire ecosystem of customers and external stakeholders, at the speed they expect.

As a complex function, Finance is commonly still in the early stages of delivering insights, streamlining operations and driving long-term value. However, that same complexity means it can benefit hugely from new technology and innovation, creating opportunities for Finance to become a true business partner.

To achieve this and lay a solid foundation for the future of your business, now is the time to deploy the strategies, technology, and process changes that will drive your organization forward towards sustainable growth and profitability.

Take advantage of the window of opportunity to look beyond the figures and unlock potential access to:

  • Efficient and streamlined Finance operations
  • Faster, deeper and broader information
  • Predictive and automated planning

We can spark the change you need to make Finance a true partner for your business. Our team is equipped to support your Finance organization on this transformational journey. With our pragmatic and customer-centric approach, we’ll help you drive sustainable growth and profitability, now and for the future.

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Enterprise Performance Management

In today’s complex business environment, finance has to deliver value by proactively supporting the decision-making process and providing in-depth insights into performance, while simultaneously complying with financial and regulatory reporting requirements

A successful, value-adding finance function that achieves an effective translation of strategy to execution can be achieved by following an integrated approach to performance management, to enable:

  • alignment and integration with strategic objectives;
  • increased and more granular insight into key performance metrics and underlying root causes;
  • more accurate and customized plans, budgets and forecasts and working capital management to steer the organization.


strategic planning

Translating organizational goals into effective planning solutions

  • Strategy planning (re)design and implementation
  • Integrated business planning
  • Value-driven strategic planning
Budgeting & forecasting

Providing and adjusting the benchmark to evaluate actual performance against

  • Plan to perform process (re)design
  • Driver-based budgeting and forecasting
  • Rolling forecast implementation
working capital managemet

Striving for an improved organization and processes to enable efficient and effective cash management

  • Identify and align the organization’s ambition and strategy
  • Integrated cash conversion cycle improvement and process mining
Reporting & analytics

Insight-led reporting aimed at enabling action-based decision-making

  • Reporting strategy, KPI and value-driver identification
  • Data to insights process design and refinement
  • Financial and management reporting (re)design and implementation
Tool selection & deployment

Tool selection, evaluation and deployment as enablers for performance management

  • Supporting the selection of budgeting and reporting tools and technologies
  • End-to-end implementation of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence tools for Finance
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Finance Transformation

Finance teams are continuously asked to do more with less, to work more efficiently, pragmatically and goal-oriented. Finance functions must shift their focus from transaction processing and reporting toward strategic business support.

Our Finance Transformation solutions can help your company with the ongoing process of improving aspects of the delivery of wide-ranging finance processes, often driven by business and technology transformation activities, with the aim to:

  • improve functional and operational efficiency and effectiveness of the finance function;
  • increase business value of the finance function;
  • strengthen the quality of finance processes for all stakeholders.
Finance vision and strategy

Moving toward Finance as a Service (FaaS) to enable the business strategy

  • Finance & CFO roles as transversal business partners in the organization
  • Stakeholder alignment around a clear finance vision and strategy
  • Strategic objectives and drivers 
Operating model design

Striving for an efficient and effective finance function

  • Standardized and streamlined process improvement
  • Target Operating Model (TOM) (re)design & implementation
  • Peer benchmarking to identify improvement areas
  • Data and Analytics
Digital finance

Addressing digital disruption to turn challenges into opportunities

  • Digital finance maturity assessment
  • Finance and operations data management
  • Finance blueprinting
  • Intelligent automation to strengthen business partnering
  • Robotics & process automation
Managed services

Supporting critical finance transformation and performance revamp

  • Support in establishing Managed Services
  • Service management and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Increased efficiency through process centralization in Shared Service Centers (SSC) and outsourcing or inhouse Centers of Excellence

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Powered finance

Eliminating the complexity of aligning the finance function

  • Leading cloud-enabled software (SaaS)
  • Pre-designed templates and leading practices embedded in pre-built TOM-model
  • Pre-built performance reports
  • Business monitoring and management through KPIs

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Financial Reporting & Accounting

Financial reporting needs to exceed expectations, take on a more advanced and future-oriented role as opposed to solely ensuring compliance. Furthermore, complex and continuously changing financial reporting and accounting challenges need to be overcome.

With our Financial Reporting & Accounting Advisory services we support you in determining, monitoring and disclosing financial and non-financial insights for your stakeholders. Moreover, we provide the finance community with:

  • the right insight and tools to sustain compliance;
  • improved transparency and reliability of reporting to support better decision-making.

Accounting policies & procedures

Present a true and fair view of financial standing:

  • Accounting policies and procedures (re)design and implementation
  • Transparency & compliance with external and internal requirements
  • Appropriate people knowledge and tooling for implementation 

IFRS conversions

Regulatory driven transformation to improve transparency and efficiency:

  • Compliance with existing and future IFRS and accounting standards
  • Accounting principles (re)design and implementation
  • Gap analysis and impact assessment on accounting, people, systems and organizations

Chart of accounts redesign

Efficiently designed chart of accounts to enable performance insights:

  • Chart of accounts design principles and effectuation
  • Accounting model (re)design and implementation

Statutory and financial reporting

Consistent and efficient reporting and closing:

  • Financial reporting process (re)design and implementation
  • Support for the preparation of IFRS financial reporting
  • Software selection and implementation

Financial consolidation

Generating accurate group and statutory insights:

  • Consolidation process (re)design and implementation
  • Group reporting package and financial statements
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Cost & Profitability Management

In today’s complex and quickly evolving business environment, CFOs and cost controllers need real-time and granular insights into the cost of their businesses, products, customers and activities in order to monitor performance, identify cost saving and investment opportunities and make the right strategic business decisions.

Finance managers need an accurate view on what is driving costs to be able to quickly take corrective actions when needed, while pricing teams need to set prices based on accurate cost and margin information

Costing target operating model

Improve your costing operating model regarding data, processes, rules and definitions, systems, reporting and controls to facilitate strategic decision-making. 

Cost performance & profitability

Improve your reporting with multidimensional reporting to gain insights into what drives costs, cost-to-serve, cost performance and profitability of your businesses, products, customers and markets.

Cost & spend management

Identify sustainable opportunities for realizing savings, better manage costs and spend on a OPEX, CAPEX and TOTEX level, taking into account the added value of activities.

Regulatory costing

Not only accurately meet regulatory reporting requirements, but also harmonize and unify your regulatory costing with business costing needs. 

Technology selection & deployment

Select and deploy the right costing technology based on your needs and finance organization model and existing system architecture. 

Outcomes & benefits

Real-time granular insights into the cost of your businesses, products and customers in order to monitor, identify and trace what’s driving cost performance and identify opportunities where to optimize costs without slowing down growth.