Clients and prospective clients recognized Energy Industry for their strength in helping them get future-ready and prepare for expected and unexpected changes.

The Source report, “Perceptions of Consulting in Energy & Resources in 2023”, reveals what clients and prospective clients think of the world's leading energy and natural resources consulting firms. Source surveyed more than 300 executives, directors and senior managers in energy and natural resources responsible for buying consulting services in the past two years. They represent a range of sectors and business functions, with 88 percent of companies generating revenues of more than US$500 million.

Stuart Fuller

KPMG Energy professionals worldwide have some of the best and brightest minds. They consistently strive to bring a leading level of support and service, delivering value and being proactive in the face of constant change in the industry. Thank you to KPMG firms’ clients for this meaningful recognition.

Anish De
Global Head of Energy, Natural Resources and Chemicals
KPMG International

Ranked No.1 for Mindshare by clients of consulting firms in the energy & natural resources sector in 2023.

KPMG International was ranked No.1 in Source’s annual global survey of end users of consulting services. Source’s customers include every single one of the world’s biggest 20 consulting firms and is the leading provider of research, data, and strategic advice about the global management consulting industry.

About the report

Source received 325 responses from our survey of executives, directors, and senior managers in the energy & natural resources sector undertaken in November to December 2022, all of whom have been responsible for buying substantial volumes of risk advisory services in the past two years. All respondents were asked to identify the top three firms they’re familiar with, giving 975 responses about different firms. They represent a wide range of sectors and business functions, and 88% work in organizations that generate more than $500m in revenue.

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