The economic situation remains a focus across sectors and a cause for concern. With global uncertainties lingering and inflation rates holding firm, most major economies are bracing for a potentially challenging ride through 2023. It was clear from discussions at the 2023 World Petrochemical Conference that the industry is prepared to meet the challenges of the year ahead. The outlook for 2024, however, appears more promising.

While the chemicals and performance technologies sector faces imminent risks, there is an optimistic view regarding its mid-term future and the possibility of a transformative phase characterized by significant innovation and progress.

In this edition of Reaction Magazine, the energy transition for chemicals is examined in depth and a net zero roadmap is outlined; regulatory and tax professionals examine IRAs and the era of green investment that could be ushered in, along with the regulatory landscape in other countries. M&A has been quiet, but will it necessarily remain that way? Deal professionals assess the outlook for the sector.

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