In my final year at university, I was really convinced that I was ready to apply my theoretical knowledge in the workplace. With a frightened heart I started a two-week internship at KPMG. During these two weeks, I was submerged in the familiar and instructive environment of the KPMG Zaventem office. I had the opportunity to get a recap of some basic knowledge, like residency and taxation in an international context, and we also touched upon some new aspects like payroll and flexible reward.

Two weeks flew by and suddenly it was 1 August already; my official start date as a fully-fledged member of KPMG People Services department. I began working with people from everywhere in the world, but also together with my colleagues, to advise clients with our knowledge as best as possible. A couple of months later, I feel like I’m quickly developing on a professional level, partly thanks to the continuous training opportunities, but also by learning through the feedback provided by my colleagues. Working in different teams on different aspects, like payroll, making comparative calculations, giving advice on several topics such as residency, social security or income tax returns, really gives you the opportunity to extend your knowledge. This, in combination with a good coffee together with colleagues and the social activities, creates an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. 

Tiffany Vanluchene

Tiffany Vanluchene completed a KUL – Brussels internship at People Services