For me, my internship at KPMG was the best way to experience what a day as a Tax Adviser really looks like. It was also very interesting to finally put all the theory we learned at university into practice. For example, we had the opportunity to join several trainings about diverse topics such as taxes, social security, immigration, employment law, etc. After these trainings we worked on cases to apply what we learned. The internship was also very helpful to get to know the people working at KPMG and to be submerged into the working culture. I remember my first day as an intern, I was very stressed and did not know what to expect, but so many colleagues welcomed me and reassured me that I could always come by if I had any questions. 

After my internship I was determined to be a Tax Adviser at KPMG People Services. Why? Firstly, because of the diversity of the work. This can vary from preparing income tax returns to answering all sorts of questions via telephone or e-mail and preparing payroll calculations or cost estimations. Secondly, because of the work atmosphere at KPMG. I had heard that the working culture at KPMG was people-centric, where you don’t just work individually, but you work together on projects. This expectation was confirmed during my internship, when I saw the team-spirit and the helpfulness of the people.

After almost one year as a Junior Tax Adviser, I can say that the People Services department is not just a place where colleagues come to work in the morning, and leave in the afternoon, as soon as their work is done. It’s a place where everyone knows each other and helps each other out. It’s a place where you will work for both small and big clients and learn so many new things. It’s also a place with lots of informal activities such as laser gaming, table-tennis, pizza, staff weekends, paintballing and bowling. As colleagues, we don’t just work individually, we work together.

Matthis Rauw

Mathis Rauw completed a KUL – Brussels internship at People Services