KPMG International has polled 182 Chief Executive Officers of large manufacturers, based in 11 countries within Europe, Asia, and North America, to find out what is on their mind, as they prepare for the opportunities and challenges of 2023. The result is a report that focuses on continued stress on supply chains, new industrial transformation trends, Environmental, Social and Governance goals, and skills needs.

The findings show that CEOs’ perspectives are shifting. They are as confident about profitable growth in the next three years as they were in the previous survey, but most expect to face an economic downturn throughout 2023.  Achieving these objectives will likely be a difficult balancing act, between the short and long term; investments in technology and people; onshoring and offshoring.

For CEOs navigating these difficult waters, this report aims to provide key insights to help manage the journey. It can help companies benchmark themselves against their peers and offer sound advice on what maps to take along with them.  Achieving these objectives will be a difficult balancing act, between investments in technology and people, and between onshoring and offshoring.