On Wednesday, 8 March we were pleased to welcome Stefano Moritsch, KPMG’s Geopolitics Lead, for our 2023 geopolitical update for boards.

The number one item on this year’s board agenda is to "Maintain focus on how management is addressing geopolitical and economic risks." It can be difficult to differentiate noise from signal. In this webinar we aim to guide you through the top geopolitical risks and their implications for business.

Geopolitical update for boards

During this webinar we provided insights on:

  • Eurasia Group’s Top Risks for 2023. Each January, Eurasia Group releases its forecast of the top political risks likely to play out throughout the year. We break down these 10 risks for you in the first part of our webinar.
  • The bottom line for business. Following Eurasia Group’s annual Top Risks report, KPMG’s Global Geopolitics team performs a Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) of the Top 10 Risks for business to go beyond the traditional severity and likelihood metrics and focus on velocity – the speed at which a risk's impact will be felt – and contagion – how likely it is that a risk will trigger other risks, should it occur. This enables us to visualize Eurasia Group's Top Risks and represent them as a network. In the second part of our webinar, we explain this and the resulting cluster of risks, which would be more likely to be triggered together and have the most dramatic combined impact.


Via the link below you can download the slides. If you have any further questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to the relevant expert listed below.

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