As outlined in our Impact Plan, our goal is to cultivate a culture centered on values that support the wellbeing of our people, empowering them to succeed and to grow. Not only do we believe that both a healthy mind and a healthy body are necessary to perform optimally in the workplace, but we are also dedicated to nurturing a work environment that champions health and wellbeing across all facets of our people’s lives. Therefore, we are committed to further developing several initiatives such as our Together@KPMG program.

Every year, we try to work #Together #ForBetter.That’s why we have our Together@KPMG program in place. This program comprises our journey as a company towards higher physical, mental, and emotional energy levels, for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Throughout the year we encourage our people to come together to partake in team sports and other challenges, follow inspiring keynotes, lead an active lifestyle, and measure their progress against concrete goals. This year, over 1000 people participated in our Together@KPMG program.

Thanks to this program, we challenge ourselves and each other every day. It tests the limits of what we can achieve and helps us reach success as individuals in our personal lives, our professional lives, and as #OneKPMG.

Cornerstones of Together@KPMG

Sportsman who times himself

Regular, individual energy scans

A regular, individual energy scan survey provides our people with a deep-dive analysis of their wellbeing. Throughout the survey, they gain insights into various wellbeing domains such as physical energy, nutrition, focus, stress, sleep, and work enjoyment. This personalized assessment serves as a foundation for holistic wellbeing improvements in our people’s professional and personal lives.

United group

Together@KPMG Journeys

Selected participants can participate in our Together@KPMG Journeys and receive personalized coaching to boost their energy in the areas where they need it most. They actively engage in an eight-to-ten-week journey, with workshops, mini-challenges, group trainings, supported by innovative tools, collaborating with colleagues and expert coaches from Energy Lab to enhance wellbeing.

Collective run

Corporate sports events and effort testing

Our corporate sports events offer a dynamic blend of physical activity and team spirit, fostering a healthy work-life balance among our people. From exhilarating running contests to cycling events and urban walks, our diverse lineup of events caters to various interests and fitness levels.