As stated in our Impact Plan, we want to develop our culture around values that support the wellbeing of our people and empower them to succeed and to grow. Not only do we believe that both a healthy mind and a healthy body are necessary to perform optimally in the workplace, we also want to create a workplace culture that promotes health and well-being throughout all aspects of our people’s lives. Therefore, we are committed to building further on a number of initiatives to support our people’s physical and mental well-being, such as our Together@KPMG program.

Every year, we try to work #Together #ForBetter.That’s why we have our Together@KPMG program in place. This program comprises our journey as a company towards higher physical, mental and emotional energy levels and a healthier and happier lifestyle in general.

Throughout the year, we encourage our people to partake in sportive (team) challenges, follow inspiring keynotes, lead an active lifestyle and measure their progress against concrete goals. We celebrate our accomplishments with a yearly KPMG Triathlon during which all colleagues are invited to complete a triathlon (individually or in team). Watch our Triathlon aftermovie to see what it’s all about. 

Thanks to this program, we challenge ourselves and each other every day. It tests the limits of what we can achieve and helps us reach success as individuals in our personal lives, our professional lives, and as #OneKPMG.

Our Together@KPMG Ambassadors

Two important Ambassador tracks act as our main pillars of the program: our Triathlon Ambassador track and our Master Your Energy Ambassador track.

Swimmers at triathlon


Every year, 20 colleagues become our Triathlon Ambassadors and get the chance to become a true triathlete. To help them reach their Triathlon goal, our Ambassadors receive individualized testing, coaching, and training by Energy Lab on a regular basis. They are true motivators to the entire firm, exemplifying what’s possible when we work together toward a common goal.

Master your energy

Master your Energy

Together@KPMG is about much more than just sportive accomplishments. We like putting extra emphasis on (mental) well-being and energy levels. That’s why our ‘Master Your Energy’-program focuses on transforming energy drains into energy gains. We challenge our people to partake in inspiring webinars, fun workshops and insightful reflection sessions in order to boost the physical, mental and emotional energy levels of our people and build a sustainable, high-performance culture.