Moving towards a new (cloud-based) ERP/CRM software is a very important milestone in the digital transformation of your company. At KPMG, we have developed an end-to-end approach to help you in your search for new software. Relying on our approach and our expertise, you can be confident that your transformation is in good hands from start to finish.

Our ERP/CRM tool & vendor selection approach consists of five phases. Starting from a strategy exercise and an accurate definition of your key requirements, we continue with the exploration and selection of software and System Integrator (SI) and end with KPMG in a quality assurance role for the implementation program itself.

Phase I: Strategy review and Guiding Principles definition

During phase I, we aim to obtain a good understanding of the current state and strategy of your organization. By means of a series of workshops, we review your strategy and your key design principles. By the end of this phase, we have established your ERP/CRM guiding principles, which need to be respected both during the tool & vendor selection and the implementation itself. Optionally, we conduct a wider strategy exercise wherein we assist you with the creation of your ERP/CRM strategy and/or Target Operating Model. For this latter exercise our colleagues from the Strategy competence cluster are actively involved on the project.

Phase II: Process review and key requirement identification

Key functional and non-functional requirements are the deliverables of phase II. We derive these from workshops with your business analysts and domain owners. All key functional and non-functional requirements are prioritized and documented. Requirements are elicited using KPMG’s Powered Enterprise key End-to-End process taxonomies. From a KPMG perspective, two different roles are participating in these workshops: Domain SME’s will be facilitating these workshops and perform deep-dives on the processes. They will be supported by the Technology SME’s as they are able to inject technology-specific context in these workshops in order to make discussions more tangible.

Phase III & IV: IT Due Diligence and SI exploration, selection & negotiation

Phase III of our transformation approach consists of two separate parts. On the one hand, a Market Consultation is executed by releasing a RFI (Request for Information) to the market. Simultaneously, an IT Due Diligence exercise is carried out with the purpose of getting a clear image of your future solution preferences.

During Phase IV, shortlisted System Integrators are requested to answer to a RFP (Request For Proposal). Based on the evaluation of their answer, only 2 of them are invited to enter the BAFO phase. KPMG will furthermore assist on contract and SLA negotiation. Phase IV is concluded by a signed contract.

Phase V: Quality Assurance on the implementation

Throughout the four previous phases, KPMG developed a full understanding of your future ERP/CRM landscape and how it should bring value to your company. As we will have been highly involved in the definition of your guiding principles & key requirements, KPMG is very-well positioned to steer the implementation in the right direction and signal any deviations from its main objectives in a timely manner.

KPMG is therefore a suitable partner to assist you throughout the full lifecycle of your transformation in a third party quality assurance role. Throughout this phase we follow our quality assurance methodology, Transformation Integrity (TI).