Sustainability takes center stage in business operations

Sustainability has moved from the periphery to the heart of business strategy. No longer a fringe CSR concern, it is now a core pillar of long-term survival and credibility.

In part, this is because sustainability and risk management are intrinsically linked. Smart sustainability practices go beyond simply detecting, preventing, and reducing potential negative impacts of business operations. Executives across all sectors are exploring practical ways to stimulate positive impact and contribute meaningfully to solving global challenges, whilst making the most of growth opportunities for their businesses along the way.

The challenge for companies in the coming years lies in how well they succeed at effectively engaging critical stakeholders on their journey to sustainability.

To help improve your sustainability performance, KPMG provides a unique set of expertise that looks beyond short-term financial results, focusing on long-term performance. 

Sustainability as part of your core strategy


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Starting your sustainability journey

Are you looking to articulate your organization’s sustainability ambitions and express them in tangible goals, targets and KPI’s? If so, you are embarking on a valuable, but also complex, journey. Let KPMG's sustainability and ESG experts assist you through our 5 step approach:

KPMG ESG journey

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