Toronto Foundation for Student Success

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A better tomorrow starts with a good breakfast

When COVID-19 closed Toronto's schools, children who usually had breakfast through the School Nutrition Programs would soon be going hungry. KPMG in Canada worked with the Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS) on a grocery-card program to fill that urgent nutritional gap.

We quickly hashed together a pilot solution using Survey Monkey and Excel that delivered grocery-cards to 3,500 students, paying for a month's worth of nutritious breakfasts.

Having proved the concept, the KPMG Connected Enterprise framework was used to scale up the prototype to an agile Microsoft Power Platform. From spring to summer 2020, KPMG in Canada helped the TFSS provide 3,300,000 breakfasts to help children by registering 110,000 students in over 600 schools and distributed $5.7M CA in grocery-cards to 60,000 families.

This is just one more example of the power of technology to build a better future. Because when you take a connected approach to digital acceleration, creating solutions around your customers and focusing on the results that matter, you can change the world.

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Putting people at the heart of instrumental change

Spectris provides high-tech instruments, test equipment and software - and this is a business where talent drives growth. The company must hire and inspire people with the technical expertise and customer skills to deliver exceptional advances in industrial performance.

But after forty acquisitions in ten years, Spectris had a complex patchwork of HR systems. The challenge was to replace that legacy with efficient and automated human capital management processes for 8,500 people operating globally.

A KPMG firm worked with Spectris through the COVID-19 lockdown to deliver a KPMG Powered Enterprise | HR implementation enabled by Workday with instant access to leading industry practices, advanced automation technologies and proven delivery capability, Spectris now has a talent platform that is truly fit for the future.

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City of Amsterdam

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Responsible AI for a smart city

As a leader in the use of `smart' digital services to provide a safe and well-maintained city, the City of Amsterdam ensures that every citizen benefits from artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies while protecting their digital rights.

For instance, when a resident files a service request online, it is prioritized by an algorithm that uses machine learning to create rules for quicker, more accurate triage over time. But even algorithms can draw the wrong conclusions, making incorrect judgements about reporting patterns.

To prevent machine bias and help ensure public trust, Amsterdam employs KPMG AI In Control. KPMG's methodology provides a strong governance framework that codes fairness into the city's algorithms, bolstering data integrity and explainability - so the right people receive the right services at the right time.

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*The City of Amsterdam is a member of the Cities for Digital Rights coalition.


Enmax Corporation

Energy company turns up the dial on transformation

Canada’s ENMAX Corporation generates, sells and distributes electricity, natural gas and renewable energy to nearly one million customers across Alberta. Key to its success is a sustained focus on implementing new technologies. Seeing the need to transform its finance function, ENMAX collaborated with KPMG in Canada’s professionals who guided the finance department in replacing an expiring enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The expansive process required intense planning and cross -functional training to align ENMAX's bold changes with its business requirements. Seeing an opportunity to raise the bar even higher, ENMAX expanded its transformation vision beyond the finance department, combining three initiatives to form its Project One program.

What followed was a broader transformation roadmap and a change management program for employees facing an exciting new technology landscape. ENMAX’s comprehensive innovations include IBM's Maximo asset-management, PowerPlan financial compliance and corporate performance management, and Workday financial management tools.

ENMAX has taken another step into the future to drive its growth and value for customers.

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