With 2021 just a few months away, it's a good time to take a look back at our projects in 2020, so we can identify some trends.

Rising choice rate

A first trend is that the average choice rate in our plans (the number of employees with at least one choice versus all employees who are allowed to make a choice) is rising every year. We note that there is an average choice rate of about 45%. It is also positive that the choice rate in most plans continues to increase from year two.

Top 3

A bicycle (lease) heads the list of the top three benefits that our clients include in cafeteria plans. This choice is closely followed by the reimbursement of pension savings. Multimedia, such as smartphone, tablet and PC, complete the top three.

Employee choice

If we zoom in on the popularity of certain benefits among employees, multimedia wins with an average of 32%. The repayment of pension savings comes a close second with 28%. We see that the additional vacation days and additional insurance (itinerant and dental) are also still very popular choices.

The benefit that made the most progress was multimedia accessories, especially those that are useful in the context of working from home. In addition, mobility is still a key component in any cafeteria plan, with numerous options including bicycle, company car, mobility app, fuel card and short-term car.