The war for talent is raging. Rather than employers selecting their employees, the employees are choosing which employers they want to work for. A fixed salary has become outdated. Companies are increasingly using a flexible remuneration and transportation plan as part of their efforts to attract new employees.

A digital platform is essential for a flexible payroll and transportation plan that is clear, user-friendly and intuitive to use by all parties involved. The Flex Reward Tool enables each company to highlight certain areas and set specific choices.

Olivier Vanneste
Tax & Legal Partner
KPMG in Belgium

"It is a web-based solution for cafeteria plans and flexible transportation solutions. The tool responds to the latest trends and shifts in mentality. More and more employers and employees no longer regard a company car as the first and only option. The transportation budget that came into effect in March supports this evolution."

Changing travel behavior

Higher taxes resulting from new consumption standards, a more complex corporate income tax and higher fuel prices mean that company cars offer considerably less tax benefit than a few years ago. Employees in almost all companies and industries also cite environmental reasons for preferring to ride a bicycle or scooter, receive cash payment, downgrade or hand in their company car or combine alternative means of transport.

"Our tool manages everything," Olivier Vanneste says. "What is my transportation budget? What alternatives can I choose from? What does it offer me? The tool answers all these questions. It allows employers to automate and reduce their administration, and it can easily integrate incentives, such as an allowance for carpooling or using public transport. It is a way for companies to encourage their employees to use more environmentally friendly travel options."

From small local companies to large enterprises, all organizations benefit from an automated cafeteria and transportation plan that is tailored to their specific needs. "Employees can opt for a smaller company car, extra leave days or a bicycle instead of an end-of-year bonus. When they log on, they can immediately see a simulation with the impact on their gross and net salary. The tool makes all the benefits instantly clear."

For example, if you convert your end-of-year bonus into a leased electric bicycle to travel to work at least once a week, you will not pay any social security or taxes on that particular benefit. Employees can use the software to simulate, request and arrange everything.

Automatic updates

The Flex Reward Tool stores all data in a database. Internal or external parties can be connected. Suppliers of products such as company vehicles, bicycles or multimedia devices are integrated into the platform.

"This results in automated administration and fewer operational arrangements," Olivier Vanneste concludes. "Personal taxes, VAT and corporate income tax are all calculated automatically in the tool. Regular software updates guarantee full compliance with the most recent tax and social security rules. Our tax specialists and lawyers specializing in social law monitor everything closely."