The mobility program and car policy are high on the agenda of most companies. By offering customized mobility solutions, you can differentiate yourselves, stand out from the competition, attract and keep the right people.

Here are the 6 most important mobility trends for employers:

  1. More flexibility: Companies are updating their car policies to include more flexibility; for instance allowing the option to exchange or downgrade company cars.
  2. New legislation: With the “cash for car” and “mobility budget” legislation, the government introduced the possibility to exchange company cars in a tax beneficial way.
  3. Alternative mobility measures: Companies are adding other mobility measures to the mobility package such as public transport, mobility apps, car sharing and bike leasing.
  4. Environment: There is a shift towards hybrid and electric cars, resulting in new challenges for companies.
  5. Cost control: Companies may be confronted with higher company car costs due to the new corporate tax measures and the new testing norms for vehicles (WLTP).
  6. Mobility incentives: An innovative mobility program with smart incentives helps to encourage employees to effectively use the alternative mobility measures.

Why choose KPMG to assist you with your mobility plans?

Our team has extensive experience with mobility plans, especially having recently introduced one internally for our staff. We bring technical knowledge and practical expertise in all aspects of mobility plans from the tax and legal aspects to the process and IT requirements. Our state-of-the-art web based mobility tool is intuitive, flexible and includes all our tax, legal and practical experience. 


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