Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise Transformation

Accelerate towards your future!

Accelerate towards your future!

With the right advice your company will be able to continuously adapt and improve. Enterprise transformation can be necessary because of internal or external factors and will impact how your core business is conducted. The result is a shift in how the organization relates to its wider economic environment. 


Today's challenges

  • Execution is the hardest part of transformation. More than half of the companies undertaking transformation fail to achieve the desired business result. A formal process that spans a host of activities from strategy to execution is critical for success.
  • The biggest challenge to transformation may be a leader wedded to a past or current success. Executives cannot lull themselves into complacency based on the present revenue stream. They must keep transforming for the future.
  • Silos are an impediment to enterprise transformation. If silos prevent a change from being accepted, they may hamper a transformation that would be good for the enterprise as a whole. To prevent silos, consider encouraging collaboration among different functions within one unit.
  • Establishing a formal process is correlated with being active in transformation. That process should include metrics set up at the start of enterprise transformation. The most effective metrics are outcome-based, not process-based. Key to a transformation program is a value-centric approach that defines enterprise value at the onset and provides visibility into value capture as part of the transformation strategy development through execution.


How we can help

Our KPMG Advisory team in Belgium has solid experience and a tested methodology in deploying Enterprise Transformation propositions for:

  • a variety of national and international financial services public sector
  • corporate companies, on both a company scale as well as on a business unit scale


Our team members have:

  • industry experience and end-to-end enterprise transformation knowledge
  • translating technical knowledge
  • practical knowledge into successful Enterprise Transformation propositions

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