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AHK Azerbaijan in cooperation with KPMG in Azerbaijan presented the results of the Business Climate Survey 2020. “Foreign Business in Azerbaijan” report is based on findings of the Business Climate Survey reflecting the feedback on the activities of foreign business representatives in Azerbaijan with a specific focus on the investment climate in the country. Edition focuses on economic, institutional reforms, as well as examines Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Azerbaijan.

The online survey consisted of 20 questions in total, incorporating basic information about the profiles of participating companies, questions about the current economic situation and the near-term Business Outlook, as well as an inquiry about the investment environment in Azerbaijan and the efficiency of its ongoing economic reforms.

2020 was, and continues to be, a challenging year, with many factors impacting significantly the initially projected Dynamics of economic development. However, the research had shown that despite these circumstances, the majority of survey respondents expect the negative impact of COVID-19 to be short-term, and more importantly almost half of respondents expressed confidence in their plans to expand or make new investments in 2020 and 2021.

More detailed information can be obtained from the full version of the survey.

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