Mobility is undergoing one of the most transformational social, technological and economic shifts of a generation, shaped by three key disruptive forces: electric vehicles and alternative powertrains, connected and autonomous vehicles and on‑demand mobility services.

Sectors are being disrupted, with new markets emerging, while others are converging, and some are disappearing entirely.

The winners are likely to be those that can truly understand the impact and timing of disruption, and seize the right emerging opportunities.

This means swiftly adapting business and operating models and securing the right partnerships and acquisition targets.

Key megatrends

  • Electric vehicles. EV take-up may have gathered momentum, but requires a number of societal and behavior changes to become truly widespread.
  • On-demand mobility services. There is an urgent need for coherent mobility strategies to cover multi-modal aggregation, car subscription, on-demand services and commercial vehicle innovation.
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles. Speed of adoption is likely to vary significantly by region, based on availability of infrastructure, pace of R&D, public acceptance and the regulatory environment..