Kirill Martynov

Partner, Head of Deal Advisory

KPMG in Azerbaijan

About Kirill


Kirill works for KPMG since 2007 and has extensive experience in the field of business valuation, financial modeling and financial analysis.

Kirill also participated in the valuation of fixed and intangible assets of companies in various industries in accordance with requirements of Russian and International valuation standards.

Kirill participated in numerous projects on business valuation of international and Russian companies operating in various industries, including the following:

  • Retail: valuation and update of valuation of Russian retailer of electronic appliances for deal related purposes
  • Retail: valuation of a network of retail perfume shops in Russia
  • Cement production: valuation of cement production plant in Russia for minority squeeze out purposes
  • Heavy industry: valuation of Ruspolymet for collateral purposes
  • Medical service: business valuation of a large chain of hospitals based in Moscow and in different regions of Russia
  • Transport and logistics: business valuation of a company which is engaged in truck transportation in Russia and CIS
  • Machinery: determination of indicative fair value range of stake of Italian helicopter detail manufacturer for Russian helicopters
  • Hi-tech industry: valuation of business of the company, which is engaged in the development and production of modules and subsystems based on photonic integrated circuits for high-speed communication networks with high bandwidth

Kirill also took part in projects associated with validation and confirmation of results obtained by third-party appraisers for use in financial statements of companies whose auditor is KPMG.

Starting from October 2017 Kirill is responsible for the development of Valuation, M&A and Financing group (former Corporate Finance group) in Azerbaijan.

  • Master of Engineering at National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI)

  • Master of Economics at National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI), Financial institute

  • Member of Self-regulating Interregional Appraisers Association (SMAO)