Many businesses find that their finance and operations teams are insufficiently aligned, resulting in poor decision-making and inefficient resource allocation. When the objectives of the two teams are not aligned, it may potentially lead to disjointed internal processes and missed potential opportunities to manage risk and boost growth.

These are some of the stark findings that emerge from KPMG's new survey of 1,300 finance and operations leaders worldwide. However, it is not all bad news: some leading businesses recognise the need for strategic alignment between the two teams and are actively addressing it.

The experiences of these businesses offer a way forward for those that currently struggle. The survey exposes that finance and operations teams are disjointed in multiple areas but it also shows that there are significant benefits of closer alignment in terms of objectives, strategies and goals.

Our discussion with both operational and finance leaders reveal the many opportunities that will open up when your operations and finance teams are aligned and working towards common goals. Download our report now.

Key findings from finance and operations leaders


want to play a greater role in driving enterprise-wide transformation in the next 3 years.



of senior executives within the two functions are 'very satisfied' with the alignment of objectives and KPIs across the two teams.


are seeking to obtain new skillsets for their function, including data science, predictive analytics and forecasting.



are 'very satisfied' with their ability to make informed decisions based on data.


do not co-ordinate with other business functions when acquiring and implementing new technology.


say their focus on ESG will likely increase significantly in the next 2 years, but 62% are still unclear of their role.

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