Technology, Data & Innovation careers

Technology, Data & Innovation

Careers for graduates: learn how to help clients and the firm transform their businesses.

Careers for graduates: learn how to help clients and the firm transform their businesses.

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In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

The Technology, Data & Innovation team (TD&I) works with key stakeholders across KPMG’s Deals, Tax & Legal division to build, deliver and incubate market-leading products, tech-enabled tools and new services and capabilities, to help our clients and the firm transform their businesses.

The TD&I team works closely across the firm to bring the best of our data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, machine learning, advanced analytics and emerging technology capabilities to our clients.

Amid an ever-evolving business landscape, the TD&I team utilise a cross-functional and collaborative approach, striving to embed innovation throughout the firm’s core services lines. This is aided by the creation of digital services, data and analytics initiatives and go-to-market strategies, all whilst leveraging off the team’s diverse knowledge and expertise.

The TD&I team is welcoming and supportive, and the challenges of colleagues and clients are well understood. The team culture is inclusive and engaging. Our team is comprised of thoughtful and supportive individuals who are always willing to help each other. Our leaders are passionate and endeavour to contribute to the development of others.

What does the average day look like?

No two days are the same at KPMG – you will work together with our clients and colleagues in a dynamic capacity.

Typical tasks that can be expected of a consultant include conducting data analysis, attending meetings with clients, writing reports, creating data visualisations, developing pitch books or proposals, and in general providing support and receiving tasks from your team.

On occasion, longer hours may be required to meet key deliverables. However, KPMG’s Agile Working Policy means that there is scope for flexibility in how, when and where you complete your deliverables. You’re provided with the flexibility to manage your work and personal commitments.

What will I learn in the first year?

In your first year, you’ll build on the skills you have learned at university, while also learning plenty of new hard and soft skills. As you grow your experience, you’ll develop a strong foundation in data analytics, emerging technology and project management.

You’ll develop knowledge of different industries and sectors while gaining valuable soft skills such as communication, time-management, problem solving, and presentation skills. You’ll also learn how to develop a trusting relationship with clients and how to work collaboratively with your team members in a professional environment.

What’s the best part of the role?

The best part of the role is the people you meet and work with at KPMG. They are intelligent, driven, considerate people who will go above and beyond for others. You’ll be provided with constant feedback and mentorship to help your development and given autonomy to produce your best work.

Firm-wide events and initiatives allow for opportunities to meet and build relationships with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. The variety of work available and the culture of the team make it a great place to work.

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