Tax careers


Careers for graduates: learn about Tax and how we advise on strategies and key projects.

Careers for graduates: learn about Tax and how we advise on strategies and key projects.

Grad careers: Tax

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

In Tax, we advise our clients on how to best execute business strategies, projects and transactions in a tax-appropriate manner. This can include advising on the tax implications arising from large transactions such as private equity deals, real estate transactions and infrastructure deals.

There are also some specialist areas with Tax, including the Delivery & Data Excellence (DDX) team, providing tax compliance services to clients across Australia, and the Tax Technology team, implementing technological tools to tax problems, including data analytics and developing new enabler technology platforms to service the firm and its clients.

What does the average day look like?

In Tax, you would typically work with three or four different clients or client groups each day. You may be working by yourself, including researching and applying the tax legislation as appropriate, or working as part of a team seeking guidance from a manager, director or partner on more complex technical issues. You regularly meet with directors and partners to present findings, returns and reports on ATO or industry issues.

You can experience what a typical day is like as a Tax Consultant at KPMG by completing our Tax Virtual Experience Program.

With world-class case study content created for you by our team at KPMG, our Tax Virtual Experience Program allows you to:

  • apply your research and problem-solving skills to advise a virtual client
  • learn first-hand from our tax professionals at KPMG
  • build skills and confidence to help you succeed in your application to KPMG.

Take control of your learning and upskill yourself with industry experience from right at home.

What will I learn in the first year?

The first year is about learning the basics of tax and how KPMG operates. You’ll be allocated a list of clients to help with preparing advice, tax calculations, tax returns and reports on specific transactions. As you learn more about tax and become more confident, you’ll be able to take more ownership of driving the client engagement and bringing issues to the attention of managers, directors and partners to resolve together. To help you with this, the KPMG learning department provides detailed supportive training throughout your first year.

What’s the best part of the role?

Definitely how diverse, varied and fast paced it is, with something truly for everyone. Everyone is collaborative and committed to delivering the very best for our clients and there is a strong culture of excellence.