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Careers for graduates: Learn how to deliver specialised quality audit and assurance services.

Careers for graduates: Learn how to deliver specialised audit and assurance services.

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In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

Enterprise Audit & Assurance (A&A) provides value to our clients through the delivery of specialised quality audit and assurance services. We work with a broad range of clients including those in the ASX 300+, the emerging, private and mid-market, established entrepreneurs, family businesses, not-for-profits, and fast-growing companies, By bringing our diverse expertise together, we give our clients the confidence to focus on the things that will truly make an impact and help them grow. Our team focuses on providing users of financial statements confidence in the numbers being reported in the financial report.

What does the average day look like?

Every day is different depending on the time of year and clients you are involved with. We work from both our own office premises and at the client’s site. Our teams vary in size from 1 to 2 individuals to sometimes 6 or 7. Given our clients are from numerous different industries, every client and job is different. You get insight into how numerous types of business operate. You learn to understand our clients and how they do business. A typical day is likely to be based at a client’s site performing testing on significant accounts. This testing can vary from performing analytical procedures, test of details or data analytics depending on the audit approach.

What will I learn in the first year?

Over the first year, graduates learn how to use our auditing and other associated software, including enhanced data analytics digital tools. You’ll learn how to identify financial statement risks for different types of companies. How to test the identified risks. How to develop analytical procedures and how to perform tests of detail, including report writing and presentation skills. The exposure you will have to a diverse client base will give you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how various industries operate. Most importantly, working as part of a team, you’ll learn how to meet various deadlines.

What’s the best part of the role?

The Enterprise A&A team is a very inclusive environment with a young demographic. We all work together to get the job completed. There are various social events throughout the year to ensure you get to know people outside of the office environment.

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