KPMG Austria is pleased to present the first edition of its new “Asset Management Study” which is dedicated to asset management business in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This study incorporates results of a survey conducted among asset management executives in the region.

Collaboration in the CEE region

The selected CEE region represents an industry understanding in the area of asset management where for the past roughly fifteen years an increased level of collaboration between these countries can be observed. Moreover, also in economic terms, this region is very interconnected as numerous regional asset management companies conduct their business on a regional cross-border basis.

Economic and market characteristics

With this study, KPMG Austria intends to present an introductory overview to asset management business in the region as it is our firm belief that the region is still underrated due to the rather small size of domestic markets but also the rather traditional focus of EU asset management business on Western Europe.

Thus, the study also understands itself as an educational introduction to the economic characteristics of each country, its regulatory and tax frameworks in the area of asset management as well as some insights on the respective market characteristics.

Recent developments and future challenges

“United in diversity” may be the right slogan for the CEE region and its asset management industry. In any case, if the “Asset Management Study” manages to foster a better understanding in this regard and to promote the efforts of asset managers in these countries to ultimately serve the investment needs of investors and the financing needs of these societies, it has already achieved a lot.

We hope to provide you with more business insights as well as assessments of recent developments and future challenges with our “Asset Management Study”!