Senior decision makers in the telecommunications sector face a relentless series of issues – driven by technology, social trends, financial market conditions and government regulation. Making informed choices about the future whilst focusing on the bottom line is a major challenge.

Our professionals go beyond today's challenges to anticipate the potential long and short-term consequences of shifting business, financial and technology strategies.

The telecom sector is undergoing huge transformation. Driven by changing consumer behaviour and new mobile technology, innovative and sustainable revenue opportunities need to be found – and quickly. Increasing competition from non-telecoms providers, reduced network investments and the rise of digital media and mobile technology mean that telecoms operators need to radically change their business models and service offerings to survive.

At KPMG we know that consumer demand and technological change will continue to drive the industry, and the winners will be those who can embrace new and emerging technologies whilst managing the demands of regulation, cost and network investment.

KPMG’s team of telecom expert’s work with some largest fixed, mobile and satellite companies to address their current challenges and better align their capabilities with today’s consumer. Our deep industry knowledge and experience means we can help you manage the challenges you face. We can work closely with you to help ensure that you:

  • Structure your telecommunications business most effectively, including outsourcing and changing revenue and distribution models 
  • Efficiently manage global transfer pricing 
  • Appropriately apply accounting standards and principles, and advising on conversion projects e.g. IFRS
  • Effectively manage cross-border assignees, including tax planning, visas, pensions, share schemes and legal matters 
  • Manage your audit and risk obligations, including revenue assurance, cost reduction and optimization, regulation, and data privacy and security 
  • Access the most suitable internal audit services 
  • Make informed M&A decisions from pre-deal through to post-merger integration.