Innovation through diversity

Two voices in unison are louder and reach farther than one does. This is why at KPMG we stand for diversity. We have set it as our mission to have a voice across the world, turning knowledge and understanding of information, industries and business trends into value for our firm’s clients, our people and the capital markets. Variety in opinion, belief and perspective supports our vision and enables us to explore the vast expanse of the ever-evolving business inclinations and industrial practices.

As a global organization, our vision is to provide learning opportunities through a platform which shares the expertise, knowledge and experience of professionals across a global network. Our aim is to nurture teams of versatile individuals capable of understanding information and business shifts such that we provide value, profit and assistance to our clients.

In June 2019, our ITC candidates went out guns blazing, achieving a 95% pass rate against a national pass rate of 58%. As icing to the cake, a lion’s share of the national top ten belonged to KPMG. Seven of the cherished spots were scalped by our high achievers and were proudly distributed evenly between both genders.

Not only do we stand for diversity in gender, race, religion and age, we also busk in the rich fruits of the symbiosis among different ethnicities within our organization. Our team is built of individuals from all over the nation and region and hosts several dialects. At KPMG we believe that diversity will help us spread our tentacles through various clientele backgrounds, hence promoting innovation in problem solving.

It goes without saying that we live in a dynamic world. The problems we solved yesterday are different from the ones we face today, and guaranteed, tomorrow will bring a different set of questions. Such issues can only be effectively tackled by employing an equally dynamic mode of action; encouraging our diverse teams to solve problems in new and different ways through our distinctly inclusive culture to express different viewpoints and perspectives.

Understanding business and customer needs on a global scale is neither achieved by a wave of a wand nor by fighting alone. Rather, it is achieved by listening, embracing different opinions, backgrounds and understanding that our diversity is not what makes us different from each other. Diversity is what makes us better as a single functioning unit.