Creating opportunity through learning

Creating opportunity through learning

Across the KPMG network, we understand and value the benefits of a foundation of education and lifelong learning. It can be the key to unlocking potential and to help people out of a life in poverty. That is why lifelong learning and opportunity is a central tenet of our citizenship strategy. Through our ongoing collaborations, we have developed a learning continuum which starts with KPMG Family for Literacy, moving on to Junior Achievement, Enactus and One Young World, which helps us to develop the leaders we need for the future.


Enactus continues to be a strong part of our citizenship programs around the world. We have been an active supporter of and participant in Enactus for more than 13 years, helping to mobilize students to make a difference in their communities, while they also develop the skills that will enable them to become the next generation of socially responsible business leaders.

In 2014, the Enactus World Cup competition took place in Beijing. It brought together student teams from 36 countries, joined by academic and business leaders, to showcase how entrepreneurial action can help to achieve social progress within communities, including in some of the world’s least developed countries.

Among the student innovations presented were ways to create sustainable, local power generation, create saleable products from recycled materials, and a project for making and selling eyeglasses for a dollar in poor communities. This was also a milestone year for KPMG International’s collaboration with Enactus, as we have extended our partnership for another 3 years.

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