Trade & Customs (Excise)

Trade & Customs (Excise)

KPMG's Trade & customs professionals address intricate cross-border issues, drawing upon the local knowledge and experience of a network.

KPMG's Trade & customs professionals address intricate cross-border issues, drawing...

Competition is increasing globally and companies are required to move goods more efficiently across borders. At the same time, local governments are implementing more stringent rules and regulations, which companies are expected to comply with. These modern day complexities have resulted in companies involved in cross border trade relying less on third party service providers to attend to all of its Trade & Customs obligations.  

It has become essential for such companies to increase their scrutiny of their Trade & Customs strategies to ensure their competitive advantage. Taking advantage of complex local and international laws governing Trade & Customs activities might also be the key driver which ensure companies remain competitive and up to date in the world of trading today.

KPMG’s Trade & Customs Practice is specifically structured to assist companies in addressing the complexities of international trade in Zambia and Africa.

Ensuring companies obtain effective business advice remains essential for effective cross border operations, of which the KPMG Trade & Customs practice is confident that it will ensure that clear, concise, innovative and relevant advice is provided. 

Trade & Customs Services:

  • Consulting Services including tax health checks
  • Compliance Services


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